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Each Garden club (or council or district) can fill out this form (and keep it updated) to help us build a database of each club’s information. The information can also be displayed on your webpage on this site, or you can update that page by hand.

Group Profile

Name and Email

Can also be used for Councils and Districts and other groups
Affiliate is for a group or entity that has account on this site but is not a Garden Club. For example, an Iris Society or a Community Organization that frequently has events we want to list.
This name will be publicly displayed as the title of your group's page, so use the name of the Club, Council, District, etc.
To help in alphabetizing, please the name of your club/group without the words GC or Garden Club or "the". So, The Garden Club of Elizabethtown would be just Elizabethtown


All clubs on this site are assumed to belong to National Garden Clubs, South Atlantic Region, and The Garden Club of Kentucky.
What district does your club or council belong to? If this profile is for.a district, please select its name. If your council spans more than one district, select all that apply.
If your club belongs to a geographic council, or if this profile is for a council, please select it here. If you're creating a new council, please contact the Website Administrators to add it to this list.
Your club's motto or current theme
You can use this for a welcome message, a description of your group and its activities ... whatever you want. You can leave it blank.
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If you want to include a picture on your club's webpage, you can upload it here.

About Membership

If this is for a club, please enter the number of people. For a council or district, please enter the number of clubs.
adjust as needed
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You can upload a membership form for people to print, fill out, and send to your club. If you upload a new form, the old one will be deleted.


For your club's page on this site. It should include http://www. Leave it blank if you don't know it.
Please include the full URL (
If your club has its own website, you can enter it here. Please include http://www.


Ex: "1st Tuesdays at 2 pm" or "Monthly on 3rd Saturdays but not in January"
Meeting Location


default is the email for your club's account on this site. You can change it to something else.
Club's Mailing Address
Usually the mailing address of the club's president, secretary, or treasurer, or the club's PO Box.

2017 Memorial Ceremony Entry

You can always share photos and remembrances via this form. At the GCKY State Convention, we will use these submissions for the “Gallery of Remembrance”.   Thank you for sharing on this page.


See Gallery Entries




Delene Clendining Fri 18 Nov 2016. 
Carol Joiner Mon 2 Jan 2017. 
Martha Ann Mengel Thu 16 Jun 2016. 
Clara Mae Myers Wed 2 Nov 2016. 
Mildred Nagle Mon 27 Feb 2017. 
Dixie Porter Sat 2 Jan 2016. 
Lynn Renau Thu 22 Dec 2016. 

Form: Remembrance
To help with Alphabetizing

About the Person

Please double-check dates before submitting the form. The form expects a complete date (DAY-MONTH-YEAR), so if you don't have all that, just leave it blank here and put the month and/or year in the biography section.
Some ideas: hobbies, fun facts, favorite flower, involvement in Garden Clubs, family, life history, etc.
Many funeral homes provide online pages where people can leave notes. You may enter the URL (website address) of that page here.
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Please select district and then club from the list that appears. If the person wasn't in a KY district (or if the KY club isn't listed or doesn't appear), please select "Other" then enter club, district, and state in the text box that appears.
Please select ALL that apply.



Report Sightings!

Did you know that you can report your sightings of monarch eggs, caterpillars, and butterflies?  This will allow your sightings to be part of one of the largest data bases recording sightings in North America – Journey North.  Go to, or just google “Journey North”.  You will be asked to select a password.  I recommend having Journey North remember your password for the future.  Then, just follow the directions to report your sightings.  You can go back later to look at them if you wish; and you can see your sightings represented on the United States map that tracks the migration.  Tip:  You don’t need to know your latitude and longitude as requested; they will figure it out for you.  It is, however, kind of fun to use their tool to figure it out for yourself.  

    Monarch Butterfly

Club Web Page Information Form

Dues Info & Forms


Your Club’s dues help us meet the objectives of The Garden Club of Kentucky:

  • To promote interest in and knowledge of horticulture, gardening, garden therapy, and youth gardening.
  • To encourage beautification of home, community, and state.
  • To encourage appreciation and conservation of wildflowers, wildlife, forests, wilderness areas, and other natural resources and cooperate with other agencies promoting these interests.

Dues to The Garden Club of Kentucky are $10.00 per member.  You may also participate in Dollars for Scholars, by including $1.00 per member.

Instructions for Dues Forms:

  • The Dues Form is a multi-part form.
  • Part 1 is for your basic Club information, Officer contacts, and the amount of dues paid.
  • Part 2 is the list of your Club’s Membership.  Instead of completing that form, you can send a copy of your Club’s memberhip list; be sure to include your members’ names, mailing addresses, nine-digit zip codes, telephone numbers, and email addresses.  Print NEW next to new members, and CHG next to name and/or address changes.
  • Complete the forms and save them on your computer.  (You cannot save and submit from the GCKY website.)
  • Send the forms from your computer to the GCKY Treasurer, whose email address is on the forms.

Dues Form (Part 1)

(PDF format)

Membership List (page 2)

 When adding members or notifying The Garden Club of Kentucky of a member’s change of address during the year,  after the member list and dues have been submited, use the following Add Members form.

Add Members

(PDF format)

For individuals with no Garden Club affiliation and who wish to be a member of The Garden Club of Kentucky, please submit the Member-At-Large form.

Members at Large


If you experience any difficulties with these forms, click here.


The Garden Club of Kentucky Scholarship Program

Purpose:  To offer financial aid to outstanding KY students and to encourage the study of horticulture, floriculture, landscape design, botany, plant science, city planning, forestry, and allied subjects.

2019-2020 GCKY Scholarship Application (PDF version)

2019-2020 GCKY Scholarship Application (Word version)


Donate to the Scholarship Program

Club donations to “Dollars For Scholars” and “Friends of Scholars” gifts make these scholarships possible.  Friends of Scholars are private donations given as memorials or in honor of someone.

To make a donation, make check payable to The Garden Club of Kentucky, Inc., and mail it with the Friends of Scholars form.


to: Jan Worth, GCKY State Treasurer, 2305 Shannon Road, Paris, KY 40361

Join a Club

If you wish to join an existing garden club (use this map to see if there’s a club near you) or start your own, please fill out the form below.  Contact GCKY

This field is required. If you don't have an email, please enter Be sure to enter your phone number.







Application for GCKY Office or Chair



Through the GCKY, SAR, and NGC awards programs, garden clubs and their members receive recognition for outstanding achievement.  Recognition of your club’s activities, projects, and other efforts creates pride and encourages members to further their hard work.

Look over the Awards and Rules, and you’ll probably find several awards for which your club could apply .

GCKY President’s Special Project Award, 2017-2019

Awards and Rules 2017-2019

Awards Application Form
(click here for the .pdf format)

Sample Completed Application Form

GCKY Award Sponsor Donation Form
(click here for the .pdf format)

Awards Categories

  • Awards of Excellence
  • Civic Achievement
  • Conservation/Environment
  • Historic Preservation/Historic or Memorial Gardens
  • Horticulture
  • Horticulture Therapy/Garden Therapy
  • Landscaping and Landscape Design
  • Operation Wildflower
  • Promotion
  • Publication
  • Service & Recognition
  • Flower Show Achievement
  • Yearbooks
  • Youth

2015 Winners


National Garden Club Awards (on NGC website)

  Visit the NGC Website

for the current application forms and information about

  • NGC Flower Show Application
  • NGC Flower Show Achievement
  • NGC President’s Project
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