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Workshops are offered by different organizations.
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Environmental Study Schools

Environmental Studies Consultant PinNational Garden Clubs, Inc. offers courses in environmental studies that make it possible to become literate and knowledgeable on issues pertaining to the environment. Each of four courses is composed of eleven one-hour learning units, beginning with an introduction to Environmental Studies then focusing on Air, Land and Water. The units are taught by qualified instructors. Anyone may attend for personal growth or for credit.
KY Chairman: Kay Fisher, 859-278-5875

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Flower Show Schools

The Flower Show Schools program provides the educational opportunity for all National Garden Clubs, Inc members to attend classes devoted to the study of horticulture, floral design and flower show procedures, with emphasis in informed and objective judging. This is the avenue by which members may, upon the successful completion of a school series, become National Garden Clubs Accredited Flower Show Judges. Advance courses are also provided in the form of symposiums in order for Accredited Judges to maintain their good standing and advance their judging levels.
KY Chairman: Dianne Caines, or 502-418-8715

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See the NGC Website for more information and more schools

Gardening Study Schools

For anyone who loves plants and gardening and wants to keep up with the latest trends and techniques, the Gardening Study Schools are for you. This is a program coordinated by National Garden Clubs. The specific curriculum covers: Basic Botany, Soils, Plant Propagation, Plant Diseases and Pests, Container Gardening, Plant Classification, Identification, Pruning, Growing Fruits and Vegetables, and Growing Under Lights. This course will not only stimulate the beginning gardener, but will also challenge the advanced gardener.
KY Chairman: Jo Jean Scott, or 270-781-2089

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NGC Gardening Study School

Gardening Study - Course 2

~Contact: Jo Jean Scott 270-781-2089 | Garden Club of KY
~What: NGC Gardening Study School
~Where: Warren Association of Baptists Bldg, Bowling Green KY
~When: Tue 27 Mar 2018 (8:00 AM – 5:30 PM Central Time)

NGC Garden Schools

The NGC Gardening Study Courses are designed to provide educational information to those especially interested in gardening, horticulture and related subjects. The School consists of a series of four courses, scheduled usually for two days of instruction, followed by a general examination. Courses cover all aspects of growing, from understanding soil structure to pruning techniques, plant identification, etc. Topics include basic botany, soils, growing annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs, fruits and vegetables, lawns, pests and diseases of plants, plant classification, and selected subjects of local interest. Additional topics and areas of interest may be covered.

The courses are intended primarily for garden club members, but they are also open to the general public, requiring only the payment of a nominal fee.

If you and your club members love gardening and wish to improve your garden practices, please contact Jo Jean  ( or 270-781-2089 ) for more information and a brochure regarding Gardening Schools Course 2.

The cost for the two-day Course is $65.00 and includes 2 box lunches.

See the NGC Website for more information and more schools

Landscape Design Schools

The purpose of Landscape Design School is to educate club members in the science of proper landscape design procedures and to serve as guardians and critics of our outdoor beauty with a greater appreciation of the environment, both natural and man-made. The diversity of the courses curriculum from history of landscape design to that of contemporary landscape architecture appeals to a broad range of interest.
KY Chairman: Jim Mullen, 270-350-5566

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NGC Landscape Design School

Landscape Design School I

~Contact: Jim Mullen 270-522-4139 | Garden Club of KY
~What: NGC Landscape Design School
~Where: Location TBA, Bowling Green KY
~When: Tue 15 May 2018 – Wed 16 May 2018 (All Day Central Time)

The Landscape Design Study Courses offer a series of four 10-hour courses. The courses cover the history of landscape design as well as instruction from landscape architects in a variety of design techniques used in home and municipal settings.

The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects: from landscape design history to landscape architecture in the year 2000 and beyond. Since its founding in 1958, professional instructors have maintained the high standards originally incorporated in the study program. Also offered are many optional programs, such as conferences, symposia and tours. Students acquire the tools for making their own gardens more beautiful and easier to maintain. Many students have been motivated to serve in political decision-making areas where awareness of the impact of a well-designed landscape can enhance the beauty and enjoyment of life in the public arena.

Contact: State Chairman: Jim Mullen | Phone: (270) 522-4139

NGC Landscape Design School

Landscape Design School II

~Contact: | Garden Club of KY
~What: NGC Landscape Design School
~When: Tue 18 Sep 2018 – Wed 19 Sep 2018 (All Day Eastern Time)

Location TBA, date subject to change

Most schools are for a period of two days with an exam on the third day. For more information on schools and where they are being held contact:  National Garden Club, Inc. by calling 314-776-7574 or send an e-mail.

See the NGC Website for more information and more schools


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