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Programs are available for garden club members and anyone wanting to further their learning.

Environmental Study Schools

National Garden Clubs, inc. offers courses in environmental studies that make it possible to become literate and knowledgeable on issues pertaining to the environment. Each of four courses is composed of eleven one-hour learning units, beginning with an introduction to Environmental Studies then focusing on Air, Land and Water. The units are taught by qualified instructors. Anyone may attend for personal growth or for credit.
KY Chairman: Kay Fisher, (859) 278-5875

Flower Show Schools

The Flower Show Schools program provides the educational opportunity for all National Garden Clubs, Inc members to attend classes devoted to the study of horticulture, floral design and flower show procedures, with emphasis in informed and objective judging. This is the avenue by which members may, upon the successful completion of a school series, become National Garden Clubs Accredited Flower Show Judges. Advance courses are also provided in the form of symposiums in order for Accredited Judges to maintain their good standing and advance their judging levels.
KY Chairman: Dianne Caines, or (502) 418-8715

Gardening Study Schools

For anyone who loves plants and gardening and wants to keep up with the latest trends and techniques, the Gardening Study Schools are for you. This is a program coordinated by National Garden Clubs. The specific curriculum covers: Basic Botany, Soils, Plant Propagation, Plant Diseases and Pests, Container Gardening, Plant Classification, Identification, Pruning, Growing Fruits and Vegetables, and Growing Under Lights. This course will not only stimulate the beginning gardener, but will also challenge the advanced gardener.
KY Chairman: Jo Jean Scott, or (270) 781-2089

Click here for a registration form for the upcoming Flower Show School Course II; March 10, 12, 2016; Middlesboro, Kentucky

Landscape Design Schools

The purpose of Landscape Design School is to educate club members in the science of proper landscape design procedures and to serve as guardians and critics of our outdoor beauty with a greater appreciation of the environment, both natural and man-made. The diversity of the courses curriculum from history of landscape design to that of contemporary landscape architecture appeals to a broad range of interest.
KY Chairman: Jim Mullen, (270) 350-5566

Most schools are for a period of two days with an exam on the third day.
For more information on schools and where they are being held contact:
National Garden Club, Inc. by calling (314) 776-7574 or send an e-mail.

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