Standard Flower Shows

“Standard Flower Show” is the official title of a flower show conforming to standards established by National Garden Clubs, Inc.

The purposes of a Standard Flower Show are:

  1. To educate club members and the viewing public
  2. To stimulate interest in horticulture and floral design
  3. To provide an outlet for creative expression
  4. To convey to the community the objectives of NGC

Horticulture entries, Educational displays, and other elements of our clubs’ Standard Flower Shows can be found in these pages.

Check out the Floral Design pages for design entries!

Click on Event Title to see online entry and map

Flower Show

Simpson County Horticultural Show

~Contact: | Franklin Garden Club
~What: Flower Show
~Where: Agricultural Building, Jim Roberts Park, Franklin Kentucky
~When: Tue 17 Jul 2018 (8:00 AM – 7:00 PM Central Time)

Residents of Simpson County and members of the Franklin Garden Club are invited to bring horticultural specimens to the County Fair. Cash prizes.

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