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“The objects of the Kentucky Council of Nationally Accredited Flower Show Judges is to share information on topics relative to Flower Show Judging; to encourage study of information of current interest; to seek to improve both arrangement and horticulture judging in accordance with National Standards; to uphold the rules of National Council; to stress and encourage better Flower Show Procedure.”  (Bylaws, Article II)

“NGC Accredited Judges must exemplify the finest qualities of National Garden Clubs, Inc.  Their responsibility is to serve with integrity and dignity at all times.  Judging is the thoughtful assessment of the work of others by qualified individuals.  Therefore, an NGC Accredited Judge’s obligation is to be knowledgeable of the Handbook, aware of any official changes to policy and rules, fiar and unbiased, gracious and helpful to those they serve.”  (Handbook, Chapter 14)

Flower Show Judge’s Silent Oath

“As an NGC Accredited Flower Show Judge, I will always evaluate the work of others fairly, based on knowledge and integrity.  When asked, I will share my knowledge with those who feel less informed and serve as an educator to the exhibitor by making clear and meaningful comments to improve the exhibitor’s skills in growing, designing and exhibiting.  I will show compassion to other judges on the panel, remain humble, refrain from anger, raising my voice or refusing to agree with others on my panel when a majority has been achieved.  I will never make fun of an exhibit or exhibitor; but be fair and honest with all of my decisions.  Finally, I will be appreciative of the honor and opportunity given me as a judge to evaluate the efforts of others.  (Author unkown)

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NGC Flower Show School

Flower Show School 1

~Contact: Sue Kirkman 502-229-5976 suek0551@gmail.com | Kentucky Council of Nationally Accredited Flower Show Judges
~What: NGC Flower Show School
~Where: Franklin County Extension Office, Frankfort KY
~When: Tue 1 Oct 2019 – Thu 3 Oct 2019 (All Day Eastern Time)

Franklin County Extension Office 101 Lakeview Court Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

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