New Awards and Changes for the 2021-22 Season

GREAT NEWS! we are adding some new Awards for the 2021-22 season.  Please see the 2 new Awards for Flower Shows and the change in point scoring for our Club Scrapbooks.  We are happy to offer these changes for you.  Good luck to everyone, and we hope to see you at the Awards Ceremony.

Download GCKY Awards-FINAL-22

NEW:   #35A – Social Media/Website designed and managed by club members. ONE CLUB/COUNCIL $20 and certificate. May apply for NGC MAE-2

Recognizing the most outstanding website or social media page promoting the sponsoring Garden Club. At least a portion of the site/page must be available for viewing by the general public. Include website/media address, who maintains site, frequency of updates, and cost in the application. Ease of navigation will be considered while judging from the address given.  May apply for

  • 20 members and under
  • 21–50 members
  • 51 + members

NEW:  #35B – Social Media/Website professionally designed.
ONE CLUB/COUNCIL $20 and certificate. May apply for NGC MAE-2

  • 20 members and under
  • 21–50 members
  • 51 + members

Flower Shows Awards

NEW:  #59- Patriotic Standard Show – ONE CLUB or COUNCIL $20 and certificate. May apply for NGC #FS-3

NEW:  #60 – Patriotic Small Standard ShowONE CLUB $20 and certificate. May apply for NGC #FS-7

Notice the change in NGC award numbers for these Flower Show Awards:

  • #53 BEST SHOW – TWO OR MORE CLUBS OR COUNCIL $20 and certificate. May apply for NGC #FS-9, or NGC #FS-10
  • #54 HOLIDAY SHOW – ONE CLUB $20 and certificate, May apply for NGC #FS-2 or NGC #FS-6
  • #55 HOLIDAY SHOW – TWO OR MORE CLUBS OR COUNCIL $20 and certificate, May apply for NGC #FS-2,
  • #56 COUNCIL SHOW $20 and certificate May apply for NGC #FS-10

Notice Scale of Points to align with NGS for GCKY #51 FLOWER SHOW SCHEDULE-

For scale of points please see National Garden Club Form 29 (3/2021).  The form is entitled “Scale of Points for Evaluating Standard Flower Show Schedules”.  You can locate this form on the NGC website, in the Forms Library, FSS-29

Changes in Scrapbook Award

Point scoring for Wallis Scrapbook Award has been changed as follows:

#17 WALLIS SCRAPBOOK Award will be given in each District: Audubon; Blue Grass; Dogwood; Limestone; and Mt Laurel.  $20 and certificate to each District first-place winner

SCALE OF POINTS (100 total) new changes in bold

  • 5 points: Title
  • 5 points: Table of Contents
  • 10 points: Yearbook – should be easily removed for reviewing
  • 8 points: Neatness
  • 12 points: Beauty
  • 5 points Durability
  • 15 points: Originality
  • 10 points: Publicity
  • 10 points: Balanced Programs: Actual programs presented in meetings; Birds, Civic Development, Conservation, Flower Shows, Design, Horticulture, Landscape Design, Legislation, Litter Control, Butterflies, Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels, etc.
  • 20 points: Club Activities: Continuing or New projects/activities. Pictures have typed captions, neatly cut and attached, not crowded on page. Show attendance and participation at District and State Meetings.

Changes in Native Trees Award

Native Trees will be added to this Award:

#6 NATIVE PLANTS AND TREES:  $20 and Certificate – May apply for SAR #1, #11, #14, NGC #CE-1 and NGC EC-5. To a club or group of clubs for promoting the use of native plants and/or Trees through educational programs, planting new or maintaining native plant gardens or trails, or using native plants or Trees in parks, historic gardens, or other suitable locations.

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