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Are you looking for a speaker? A flower show judge?

Did you find a good book about gardening or a website with pictures of butterflies?

Share a Resource, Find a Resource!  

Fill out this form with information about the resource to build our online library.  For privacy, the speakers’ contact information is protected by a password.

  • A list of Resources already registered on this website is in the sidebar to the right.
  • Please first check to see if the person already has an entry.
  • After the person has an entry, you can enter details about the program(s) that person provides.
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About the Resource

PERSON is an individual.
FACILITY is a building, park, venue
BUSINESS provide goods and services
ONLINE is primarily virtual, ex: a website with good articles or videos.
GROUP is an organization or club
MEDIA: books, movies, magazines, etc.
ITEM: object you would loan to another club
SPEAKER is knowledgable but may not have official credentials or degrees.
PROFESSIONAL is someone with official credentials, such as a teacher, county extension agent, or scientist
BUSINESS OWNER may bring products to sell
CONSULTANTS have completed the NGC series of Classes
JUDGES are available to come judge a flower show
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Please enter what the person usually expects as recompense for a presentation or judging a flower show.
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Please fill out this form to help build our Resource Library of topics for presentations. If the speaker isn’t listed in the sidebar to the left, you can ADD THEM. Their contact information is protected by a password.


About the Program

start typing the name and then select the person who gives this presentation. If they don't appear, you'll need to create a Resource Profile for them.
Type of Program
PRESENTATIONS are usually about 30 minutes, good for a monthly meeting.
WORKSHOPS are longer and hands-on.
CLASS is more formal and may count toward a certificate.
Please provide


Choose as many topics as apply to this presentation

Group Information

Each Garden club (or council or district) can fill out this form (and keep it updated) to help us build a database of each club’s information. The information can also be displayed on your webpage on this site, or you can update that page by hand.

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In Memoriam

Please use this form to contact the Chaplains and let them know of members who have passed away. The chaplains will send condolence cards and include the person in the “In Memoriam” ceremony at annual District Meetings and GCKY Convention.

Form: In Memoriam
To help with Alphabetizing
Address to send the Sympathy Card
Address to send the Sympathy Card

About the Person

Please double-check dates before submitting the form. The form expects a complete date (DAY-MONTH-YEAR), so if you don't have all that, just leave it blank here and put the month and/or year in the biography section.
Some ideas: hobbies, fun facts, favorite flower, involvement in Garden Clubs, family, life history, etc.
Many funeral homes provide online pages where people can leave notes. You may enter the URL (website address) of that page here.
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If they're a Garden Club Member, please select district and then club from the list that appears. If the person wasn't in a KY district (or if the KY club isn't listed or doesn't appear), you can use the text box labeled "Garden Club" to list the name of their club.
Use this if the Garden Club isn't in the list above
Please select ALL that apply.



Report Sightings!

Did you know that you can report your sightings of monarch eggs, caterpillars, and butterflies?  This will allow your sightings to be part of one of the largest data bases recording sightings in North America – Journey North.  Go to http://www.learner.org/jnorth, or just google “Journey North”.  You will be asked to select a password.  I recommend having Journey North remember your password for the future.  Then, just follow the directions to report your sightings.  You can go back later to look at them if you wish; and you can see your sightings represented on the United States map that tracks the migration.  Tip:  You don’t need to know your latitude and longitude as requested; they will figure it out for you.  It is, however, kind of fun to use their tool to figure it out for yourself.  

    Monarch Butterfly

Club Web Page Information Form

Dues Info & Forms

Your Club’s dues help us meet the objectives of The Garden Club of Kentucky:

  • To promote interest in and knowledge of horticulture, gardening, garden therapy, and youth gardening.
  • To encourage beautification of home, community, and state.
  • To encourage appreciation and conservation of wildflowers, wildlife, forests, wilderness areas, and other natural resources and cooperate with other agencies promoting these interests.

Dues to The Garden Club of Kentucky are $10.00 per member.  You may also participate in Dollars for Scholars, by including $1.00 per member.

Instructions for Dues Forms:

The Dues Form is a multi-part form:

Download the form(s) you need to your computer, fill them out, and save them.  Then either

    • A.  Email the form(s) to the emails at the top of the form AND to your district director AND also mail a check with a printed version of the Club Info page to the GCKY Treasurer


    • B.  Print seven copies.
        • Keep one for your club
        • Send one to your District Director
        • Send five printed copies and the check for dues to the GCKY Treasurer.