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Standing Committees

Can you help our club get things done? LEADERS chair the committee, PLANNERS decide what the committee does and how to do it, HELPERS show up when it's time to do the work
Conservation Committee
Earth Day, Arboretum, Recycling, Clean Air and Water, etc.
Program & Field Trip Committee
choose topics and speakers, coordinate schedules
Hospitality Committee
Refreshments and decorations at meeting and events
Membership Committee
Connect with people, encourage membership and involvement. Handle attendance sheets
Finance Committee
Budget, bookkeeping, grant applications, fundraising
Communication Committee
Publicity, Yearbook, Scrapbook, Newsletters, Award Applications, Website, Facebook Page, Photographs, etc.

Special Events

These events are traditions in our Franklin community. LEADERS chair the committee, PLANNERS decide what the committee does and how to do it, HELPERS show up when it's time to do the work
Earth Day (April)
Staff the booth, set up and take down, develop activities
Garden Tour (June)
Select locations, schedule workers, do publicity , sell tickets
Horticultural Show (Summer)
Event is sponsored by Simpson County
Flower Show (August)
Choose theme, develop schedule, decorate site, staff the event, clean up
Veterans Day (Nov. 11)
Work with Veterans Groups and DAR to create an event at the Veteran Plaza at the Post Office


Help beautify our community! LEADERS chair the committee, PLANNERS decide what the committee does and how to do it, HELPERS show up when it's time to do the work
Farmers' Market Sales
Staff our booth, bring things to sell. Usually once a month
Library Garden
Post Office Garden
Monarch Waystation
at the Old Jail
Yard of the Month
Solicit applications, choose the winner each month, send out publicity release, set out and collect the yard sign
Arboretum at Greenlawn
label and identify trees, develop plan for future, do some landscaping and tree pruning
what would you like to learn about? where do you want to go?
Got questions? Anything you think we should do differently as a club? What would you like to see? Let us know!

GCKY Yearbook Updates

Please enter corrections and changes to the GCKY Yearbook in this form. If you have changes for more than one page, please fill out the form for each page. Thank you.

GCKY Yearbook Updates
Please enter the date this change should be implemented. The default is immediately.

Add a Garden

Visiting the Garden

Garden's Address
If you prefer a phone call, please enter your number here
Please include the part of the address
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If the hours are limited, you can add details in the description area.
How much is the admission?
Please check all that apply to this garden

About the Garden

Maximum upload size: 0.5MB
You can add a logo for this garden. (Must be gif, jpeg, or png file type. No larger than 0.5 MB.)
Garden Focus
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You can upload 3 images for this garden. (JPG or GIF, no larger than 1 MB)

Club President’s Report

 President Reports are due 15 January

  • President Report: Instructions (shown below and ask for an printable copy)
  • President Report: Questionnaire for Members(three options)
    •  Online Form this form collects and collates the information, which is available in individual emails and in a spreadsheet
    • GCKY-Pr-MemberQ.Doc  you can type your answers into this on your computer  (1 page)
    •  GCKY-Pr-MemberQ.PDF you can print it and fill it out by hand
  • Club President’s Report -three options to use

Dear Club President,

Thank you for taking the time to complete the report of your club’s activities. Please continue to submit pictures and write-ups for the Bulletin, and please send quarterly reports (October 10, January 10, April 10 and July 10) on the number of volunteer hours to your District Director.  I would appreciate your ideas and suggestions, so please let me hear from you.   ~ Carcille Burchette, GCKY President

Info and Tips

Report Year:  Nov. 16 of last year through Nov. 15 of this year

1. MEMBER PARTICIPATION – At a club meeting in November and/or December, you can ask for a show of hands for the questions on the Member Questionnaire and then write down the number, or make copies and ask people to fill it out.  To include responses from people who weren’t at the meeting, you can

  • do a phone interview with them
  • ask them to fill out the online form
  • send them a copy of the questionnaire and then add in their written responses.

Total all the responses and use them in Step 2.

2. PRESIDENT REPORT – Please complete the report by downloading, renaming, and filling out either the EXCEL worksheet or the DOC format, saving it, and then

  • send a copy to the State President by 15 January
  • send a copy to your District Director by 15 January
  • keep one for your club files.


  •  Club Presidents, please submit to your District Director your club’s volunteer hours the past quarter on October 10, January 10, April 10 and July 10. Some clubs find it helpful to ask for volunteer hours each month during attendance.
  • District Directors will submit their totals to the GCKY Membership chairman.

CERTIFICATES OF EXCELLENCE AND SUPERIORITY AWARDS will be presented at the Fall District Meetings (or sent via mail).  Award eligibility will be determined through the President’s Report score. Please report accurately and include all information.

Requirements for Superiority Award (depends on club size)

  • membership of fewer than 25 require 200 points
  • membership of 25-50 require 300 points
  • membership of 51-75 require 400 points
  • membership of 76 and over require 500 points

Update Club Info

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Add to the Resource Library

Are you looking for a speaker? A flower show judge?

Did you find a good book about gardening or a website with pictures of butterflies?

Share a Resource, Find a Resource!  

Fill out this form with information about the resource to build our online library.  For privacy, the speakers’ contact information is protected by a password.

  • A list of Resources already registered on this website is in the sidebar to the right.
  • Please first check to see if the person already has an entry.
  • After the person has an entry, you can enter details about the program(s) that person provides.
Profile - Resource

About the Resource

PERSON is an individual.
FACILITY is a building, park, venue
BUSINESS provide goods and services
ONLINE is primarily virtual, ex: a website with good articles or videos.
GROUP is an organization or club
MEDIA: books, movies, magazines, etc.
ITEM: object you would loan to another club
SPEAKER is knowledgable but may not have official credentials or degrees.
PROFESSIONAL is someone with official credentials, such as a teacher, county extension agent, or scientist
BUSINESS OWNER may bring products to sell
CONSULTANTS have completed the NGC series of Classes
JUDGES are available to come judge a flower show
Garden Club Member?
Portrait upload
Maximum upload size: 2.1MB
Please tell us a bit about this person

Resource's Contact Information

Fields with a * are required. You can skip the other fields if you don't have the information, but please include at least one way of contacting this Resource.
Job title, professional designation, etc.
you can include titles, middle initials, however the person prefers to be called
To help in alphabetizing
Please include the part of the address
Please include the http:// prefix
Mailing Address


Please enter what the person usually expects as recompense for a presentation or judging a flower show.
Reimbursement *
For fee, please enter the dollar amount
Presentation Formats
How many miles from their home is the person willing to travel?

Add Program to Resource Library

Please fill out this form to help build our Resource Library of topics for presentations. If the speaker isn’t listed in the sidebar to the left, you can ADD THEM. Their contact information is protected by a password.


About the Program

start typing the name and then select the person who gives this presentation. If they don't appear, you'll need to create a Resource Profile for them.
Type of Program
PRESENTATIONS are usually about 30 minutes, good for a monthly meeting.
WORKSHOPS are longer and hands-on.
CLASS is more formal and may count toward a certificate.
Please provide


Choose as many topics as apply to this presentation

Group Information

Each Garden club (or council or district) can fill out this form (and keep it updated) to help us build a database of each club’s information. The information can also be displayed on your webpage on this site, or you can update that page by hand.

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