Audubon Park GC

Audubon Park Garden Club

Dogwood District

Louisville, KY

The Audubon Park Garden Club membership extends beyond the limits of Audubon Park, and includes both women and men interested in the various aspects of gardening.

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Meeting Information 

Place:  Audubon City Building (unless otherwise noted)

Time:  1:00 p.m.

Date:   2nd Monday of each month except January

Farmington, September 9, 2019


  • 09/09 -“Hemp” Farmington Historic Plantation
  • 10/10 -“Remembering Audubon Park 1929-2019”, Dr. Tom Owen, Audubon Park Country Club
  • 11/11 –  “Hostas”, Dr. Anne Cartwright, Audubon City Hall
  • 12/07- “Celebrating the Holidays and Welcoming New Members”, Home of Carolyn Dawson
  • 02/10 -“The Secret Life of Trees”, Jacquelyn McGrail, Audubon Baptist Church
  • 03/09 -“Azaleas and Rhododendrons”, Jeff Wallitsch, Audubon City Hall
  • 04.14 – “Nests and Birds I have Known”, Spring Luncheon, Audubon park Country Club
  • 05/11- “Waterfront Botanical Gardens”, Car Pool from City Hall
  • June-  “Planning Meeting for 2020-2021”


Ongoing Projects

  1. Caring for and beautifying parks and street plots located within Audubon Park.
  2. “The Festival of the Dogwood”
  3. Ways & Means projects
  4. Establishment and maintenance of three Monarch Butterfly Way Stations
  5. Encourage residents of Audubon Park to decorate homes and streets for the holiday season
  6. Promoting composting
  7. Providing members to serve on the Audubon Park Forest Board