Dues Info & Forms


Your Club’s dues help us meet the objectives of The Garden Club of Kentucky:

  • To promote interest in and knowledge of horticulture, gardening, garden therapy, and youth gardening.
  • To encourage beautification of home, community, and state.
  • To encourage appreciation and conservation of wildflowers, wildlife, forests, wilderness areas, and other natural resources and cooperate with other agencies promoting these interests.

Dues to The Garden Club of Kentucky are $10.00 per member.  You may also participate in Dollars for Scholars, by including $1.00 per member.

Instructions for Dues Forms:

  • The Dues Form is a multi-part form.
  • Part 1 is for your basic Club information, Officer contacts, and the amount of dues paid.
  • Part 2 is the list of your Club’s Membership.  Instead of completing that form, you can send a copy of your Club’s memberhip list; be sure to include your members’ names, mailing addresses, nine-digit zip codes, telephone numbers, and email addresses.  Print NEW next to new members, and CHG next to name and/or address changes.
  • Complete the forms and save them on your computer.  (You cannot save and submit from the GCKY website.)
  • Send the forms from your computer to the GCKY Treasurer, whose email address is on the forms.

(MS Word format)

Membership List (page 2)

 When adding members or notifying The Garden Club of Kentucky of a member’s change of address during the year,  after the member list and dues have been submited, use the following Add Members form.

Add Members

(PDF format)

For individuals with no Garden Club affiliation and who wish to be a member of The Garden Club of Kentucky, please submit the Member-At-Large form.

Members at Large


If you experience any difficulties with these forms, click here.