Check Your Crevices/Ticks (UK Horticulture)


Wed 30 Sep 2020    
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


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The UK Extension Service offers a horticulture webinar each Wednesday, 1:00pm Central Time.

There’s a new subject each week.

  • September 23: Basic Bulbs: Plant Now for Spring Color – Sharon Flynt
  • September 30: Check Your Crevices/Ticks – Dr. Jonathan Larson
  • October 7: How to Start a Community Garden – Bethany Pratt
  • October 14: Home-Based Hydroponics – Stephen Lewis
  • October 21: Growing Shiitake Mushrooms – Faye Kuosman
  • October 28: Fall Floral Arrangement Demonstration – Andrea Stith
  • November 4: Mushrooms – Dr. Ellen Crocker
  • November 11: Vegetable Garden Cleanup – Dr. Emily Pfeufer
  • November 18: Enjoying Holiday Plants – Annette Heisdorffer, (Last Training of the Year)

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The free webinar is limited to 300. If time remains at the end of the program, you may ask questions. For more information, call your local Extension Office.