Creative Floral Design

Just what IS Creative Floral Design?

NGC Creative Floral Design was first introduced in the late 1950s as flower shows flourished throughout the United States and as the garden club members’ talents expanded.  Many members were studying art and applying their knowledge of international art history and its creative movements to floral designing.  Today, NGC Creative Floral Design is an acknowledge art form in which creativity, imagination, and originality are essential ingredients.

Primary among these influences are:

  • Impressionism, the effect of light on objects

Starry Night

  • Expessionism, spirit of revolt and self expression

Forest Edge, Kandinsky

  • Art Deco, an elegant style of decorative art characterized by angular symmetrical geometric forms

Art Deco3

  • Fauvism, simplified design in strong colorMatisse Anfirite
  • Art Nouveau, a highly decorative style, dedication to natural formsArt Nouveau2
  •  Cubism, geometrical forms and fragmentationsCubism
  • Surrealism, the psychological aspect in artSurrealism
  •   Abstractionism, with emphasis of the non-realistic and unnatural Abstractionism
































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