Franklin GC 2020 voting

Franklin GC Voting


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We need a quorum for the votes to be valid, so please do answer these 6 questions.
Q1: Do you think we should amend Section 3 of the Bylaws?
Q2: Which name do you want our garden club to have?
Q3: Do you think our club should have a Chaplain?
The Chaplain would be appointed by the president and would be in charge of sending get-well and condolence cards, alerting people if someone needs help, and offering comfort. The Chaplain could (if they wish) be a voting member of the Board.
Q4: Do you think our club should donate $60 each year to GCKY for the 3 Yearbook Awards?
Our former Club President Shirley Snoddy funded this award for many years. We could ask that the award be named in her honor.
Q5: Do you think our club should donate $2 per member (about $100) to the Dogwood District?
The Dogwood District supports our club and 12 others. The money would help the District Director fulfill her duties.
Q6: Do you think the club should donate seed money (amount TBD) to a new garden club in Logan County, once they have a charter?
The amount to donate will be voted on later, after we've had a chance to discuss it and see how our finances are at that time.
Details for these are in the April Newsletter.


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