Club President’s Report

 President Reports are due 15 January

  • President Report: Instructions (shown below and ask for an printable copy)
  • President Report: Questionnaire for Members(three options)
    •  Online Form this form collects and collates the information, which is available in individual emails and in a spreadsheet
    • GCKY-Pr-MemberQ.Doc  you can type your answers into this on your computer  (1 page)
    •  GCKY-Pr-MemberQ.PDF you can print it and fill it out by hand
  • Club President’s Report -three options to use

Dear Club President,

Thank you for taking the time to complete the report of your club’s activities. Please continue to submit pictures and write-ups for the Bulletin, and please send quarterly reports (October 10, January 10, April 10 and July 10) on the number of volunteer hours to your District Director.  I would appreciate your ideas and suggestions, so please let me hear from you.   ~ Carcille Burchette, GCKY President

Info and Tips

Report Year:  Nov. 16 of last year through Nov. 15 of this year

1. MEMBER PARTICIPATION – At a club meeting in November and/or December, you can ask for a show of hands for the questions on the Member Questionnaire and then write down the number, or make copies and ask people to fill it out.  To include responses from people who weren’t at the meeting, you can

  • do a phone interview with them
  • ask them to fill out the online form
  • send them a copy of the questionnaire and then add in their written responses.

Total all the responses and use them in Step 2.

2. PRESIDENT REPORT – Please complete the report by downloading, renaming, and filling out either the EXCEL worksheet or the DOC format, saving it, and then

  • send a copy to the State President by 15 January
  • send a copy to your District Director by 15 January
  • keep one for your club files.


  •  Club Presidents, please submit to your District Director your club’s volunteer hours the past quarter on October 10, January 10, April 10 and July 10. Some clubs find it helpful to ask for volunteer hours each month during attendance.
  • District Directors will submit their totals to the GCKY Membership chairman.

CERTIFICATES OF EXCELLENCE AND SUPERIORITY AWARDS will be presented at the Fall District Meetings (or sent via mail).  Award eligibility will be determined through the President’s Report score. Please report accurately and include all information.

Requirements for Superiority Award (depends on club size)

  • membership of fewer than 25 require 200 points
  • membership of 25-50 require 300 points
  • membership of 51-75 require 400 points
  • membership of 76 and over require 500 points