Camille Fuller

Camille Fuller

Wed 11 Jul 1928 – Mon 10 Oct 2022

Garden Club Member

Franklin-Simpson Garden Club   

Dogwood District


Camille Fuller was a mainstay of the Franklin Community. In addition to being a founding member of the Franklin-Simpson Garden Club (back in 1963), she was a faithful member of Franklin First Baptist Church, a member of the Simpson County Historical Society, the local DAR chapter, the Ambulance Board, and the Franklin Country Club.
Camille enjoyed her independence almost to the end, living at home with her cat Yoda and her beautiful yard and garden and her Kentucky Wildcats on TV. Though she was little (fun-sized, she liked to say), she was mighty. Camille’s nickname was “Sarge,” and she definitely was in charge. She is greatly missed.

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THINGS TO DO – autumn

Last week marked 60 years since Rachel Carson wrote “Silent Spring”” in which she promoted using cultural methods to control insects saying they were far more effective in the long run than spraying pesticides.

  • Stink bug(Halyomorpha halys) invasion has begun. They do not bite, lay eggs, or stain, but if disturbed, they will stink. Do not vacuum. Using a tissue, gently pick up and flush or remove to outdoors. Seal up cracks around windows and doors.
  • Garden – Heat and low humidity quickly dry out container plants, especially those in porous containers. As rain is not predicted this week, it is important to soak container plants at least once a week. During the week check on soil moisture to a depth of 1.5” and water as needed. Inverted water-filled drink bottles into the soil will provide slow-released moisture.   
  • Houseplants – Prepare enough space for plants returning for the winter. Wash containers and both sides of foliage using horticulture soap. Use horticulture oil to treat insects and repeat as needed. Isolate plants that have resided on the ground or hard surface as they may bring in insects in their soil. When the house temperature rises, insects will hatch. Inspect frequently.
  • Trees – Dr. Rick Durham, UK Extension specialist, reminds us that during a drought, trees and shrubs require deeper watering and more often than normal. Shallow watering forces roots to the surface where they dry out faster. Durham advises to water the plant’s entire root zone (from trunk extending to the drip line – to 1’ beyond) using a hose nozzle that produces a finer spray of droplets that soak more easily into the soil. Birch, tulip poplars, pin oaks and silver maples may require up to 3” a week. For more information request ID-89 How Dry Season Affects Wood Plants from your local Extension Service.
  • Vegetables – Order berry bushes to plant now.
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Dig and Store tender tropicals for next year’s flowers.

Many of our most beautiful summer flowers are tender tropical plants that will not survive our winters. It is a waste of time to dig them each fall and waste of money to have to repurchase each spring. That is if you can find the same varieties. As they must be dug anyway, it makes sense to clean and store them overwinter.

The when and how to dig is key to saving the tender bulbs, corms, rhizomes and tubers. (They will be referred to as ‘bulbs’, to save space.) Dig or lift after foliage has died back or no more than 3”, and before the first frost. By then bulbs have developed buds  or, ready to produce them in the spring or summer. If interplanted with other plants, carefully dig with a narrow trowel. Clumps can be lifted with a narrow pitch-fork and separated. Save extra bulbs as special gifts for garden friends. Gently remove dirt and cut roots back to 1”. Do not wash as the bulbs will absorb the extra moisture and can contribute to rot. Whatever containers you use to store, make sure that it is not air-tight. Punch holes in cardboard and layer with newspaper, peat moss, vermiculite making sure the bulbs do not touch. Slightly mist the material to prevent it from drying the bulbs.

Store in a dark, dry location at about 50 degrees – unheated garage, basement(only if dry) or non-defrosting refrigerator. Check monthly on them and discard rotten, moldy, or desiccated bulbs. Plant at the appropriate time. 

Tender bulbs include: begonia tuberosa, canna, caladium, dahlia, elephant ear, ornamental ginger, and gladiolus.

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Would you Sponsor a GCKY Award?

Every year, GCKY recognizes individuals, clubs, councils, districts and youth for outstanding projects and activities during the previous year. These awards reflect GCKY’s efforts to promote the goals of National Garden Clubs, Inc. A significant amount of money is included with the first-place awards won each year. Our awards program needs your generous support to continue in this new term.

Please consider sponsoring one or more awards – most are $20 each but we also have a few at $25 – by using:

 Award Sponsor Form (MS Word) or Form (PDF)

Your donation is tax deductible! If you wish to sponsor a specific award, please designate that award. These requests will be honored on a “first come” basis. If your donation may be used where needed, please write “ANY” after Award #. If your sponsored award is not given in 2022-23, please indicate whether the donation money should be refunded, carried over for the next year or placed in the Awards General Fund (to be used for ribbons and certificates). This information is mandatory to keep GCKY in compliance with IRS regulations.

Thank you for your generous support of GCKY’s Award Program.

Sharon Burcham, 2nd Vice President & Awards Chairman

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New Awards and Changes for the 2021-22 Season

GREAT NEWS! we are adding some new Awards for the 2021-22 season.  Please see the 2 new Awards for Flower Shows and the change in point scoring for our Club Scrapbooks.  We are happy to offer these changes for you.  Good luck to everyone, and we hope to see you at the Awards Ceremony.

Download GCKY Awards-FINAL-22

NEW:   #35A – Social Media/Website designed and managed by club members. ONE CLUB/COUNCIL $20 and certificate. May apply for NGC MAE-2

Recognizing the most outstanding website or social media page promoting the sponsoring Garden Club. At least a portion of the site/page must be available for viewing by the general public. Include website/media address, who maintains site, frequency of updates, and cost in the application. Ease of navigation will be considered while judging from the address given.  May apply for

  • 20 members and under
  • 21–50 members
  • 51 + members

NEW:  #35B – Social Media/Website professionally designed.
ONE CLUB/COUNCIL $20 and certificate. May apply for NGC MAE-2

  • 20 members and under
  • 21–50 members
  • 51 + members

Flower Shows Awards

NEW:  #59- Patriotic Standard Show – ONE CLUB or COUNCIL $20 and certificate. May apply for NGC #FS-3

NEW:  #60 – Patriotic Small Standard ShowONE CLUB $20 and certificate. May apply for NGC #FS-7

Notice the change in NGC award numbers for these Flower Show Awards:

  • #53 BEST SHOW – TWO OR MORE CLUBS OR COUNCIL $20 and certificate. May apply for NGC #FS-9, or NGC #FS-10
  • #54 HOLIDAY SHOW – ONE CLUB $20 and certificate, May apply for NGC #FS-2 or NGC #FS-6
  • #55 HOLIDAY SHOW – TWO OR MORE CLUBS OR COUNCIL $20 and certificate, May apply for NGC #FS-2,
  • #56 COUNCIL SHOW $20 and certificate May apply for NGC #FS-10

Notice Scale of Points to align with NGS for GCKY #51 FLOWER SHOW SCHEDULE-

For scale of points please see National Garden Club Form 29 (3/2021).  The form is entitled “Scale of Points for Evaluating Standard Flower Show Schedules”.  You can locate this form on the NGC website, in the Forms Library, FSS-29

Changes in Scrapbook Award

Point scoring for Wallis Scrapbook Award has been changed as follows:

#17 WALLIS SCRAPBOOK Award will be given in each District: Audubon; Blue Grass; Dogwood; Limestone; and Mt Laurel.  $20 and certificate to each District first-place winner

SCALE OF POINTS (100 total) new changes in bold

  • 5 points: Title
  • 5 points: Table of Contents
  • 10 points: Yearbook – should be easily removed for reviewing
  • 8 points: Neatness
  • 12 points: Beauty
  • 5 points Durability
  • 15 points: Originality
  • 10 points: Publicity
  • 10 points: Balanced Programs: Actual programs presented in meetings; Birds, Civic Development, Conservation, Flower Shows, Design, Horticulture, Landscape Design, Legislation, Litter Control, Butterflies, Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels, etc.
  • 20 points: Club Activities: Continuing or New projects/activities. Pictures have typed captions, neatly cut and attached, not crowded on page. Show attendance and participation at District and State Meetings.

Changes in Native Trees Award

Native Trees will be added to this Award:

#6 NATIVE PLANTS AND TREES:  $20 and Certificate – May apply for SAR #1, #11, #14, NGC #CE-1 and NGC EC-5. To a club or group of clubs for promoting the use of native plants and/or Trees through educational programs, planting new or maintaining native plant gardens or trails, or using native plants or Trees in parks, historic gardens, or other suitable locations.

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Louise McCabe

Master Gardener

Louise McCabe

– Sun 7 Aug 2022

Garden Club Member

  Clear Creek Garden Club, Lyndon Garden Club 


M. Louise McCabe
Martha Louise McCabe, 92, of Juno Beach, Florida passed away on April 6, 2022. Louise was born on June 29, 1929, in Shelbyville Kentucky and attended high school and university in Alabama. Before returning Louisville in the 1960’s, Louise lived in Dearborn Michigan, Cleveland Ohio, and abroad in Brazil, Argentina, Sweden, and England.
Many will remember Louise for being “hostess extraordinaire” always welcoming friends & family with a beautiful, warm smile, an exquisite table, and delicious food! She was an avid gardener, best known for her award-winning roses and thrived as a member of The Clear Creek Garden Club. Her other societal commitments included dedicating her time to The Louisville Woman’s Club, Actor’s Theatre, The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, and many more.
She is preceded in death by her first husband, Carl J. Bergquist of Skovde Sweden, her second husband, James A. McCabe of Springfield KY, daughter, Ann Bergquist Caldwell of Danville KY, and brother David Layson of Indianapolis IND.
She is survived by her daughter, Joan Bergquist Wood of Juno Beach FL, granddaughters Lindsey Maria Wood of Marlow, England, Alexandra Louise Wood of Norfolk, England, and step-daughter Allison Ann McCabe of Louisville KY.
A memorial will be held at the Grove Hill Cemetery Chapel, Shelbyville, KY. followed by interment, on Thursday, August 11, 2022, at 11:00 a.m.
Gifts to celebrate the life of Louise McCabe may be given to the effort to build a botanical garden in Louisville. Please send any donations to Waterfront Botanical Gardens, PO Box 5056, Louisville, KY 40255 or visit


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The GCKY 2022 Awards Show

From Sharon Burcham

Dear Club Members,

I cannot put into words how much fun it was to recognize the clubs that participated in Awards this year.  Even though the past year was compromised by Covid, our members continued to promote, work together and make their gardens and hometowns a better place.  I want to congratulate the winners and also thank everyone who sent in applications.  The more clubs we have entering, the more prizes we can award.  Please think about submitting all the projects and hard work you have accomplished next year for an Award.  I am willing to visit your club and show you how easy it can be.  Just invite me, I’ll show up.  Listed below are the categories and winners for the GCKY Awards and the winners of SAR Awards.  At the printing of this Bulletin, the National Awards have not been announced so look for those winners next time.  

Garden Club of Kentucky

1. Nannine C. Wallis Bird Protection

Sponsored by Ann Fiel 

1st -Two Creeks Garden Club

2nd -Gateway Garden Club

2. Butterfly Award

Small Club 1-20 (Sponsored by Lexington Council of GC)

1st -Gateway Garden Club

2nd – Two Creeks GC

Medium Club 21-50 (Sponsored by Linda Porter )

1st – Glasgow GC 

2nd – Bowling Green GC

3. Wildflower Award

Sponsored by Linda Porter 

1st – Gateway GC

4. Charles Law Arboriculture Award

NONE submitted 2021

5. Tree Planting Award

Sponsored by Susan Throneberry 

1st– Garden Club of Danville 

2nd -Laurel Oak Garden Club

3rd  -Garden Club of Elizabethtown

HM  – The Richmond Garden Club

6. Native Plants

Sponsored by Ann Fiel 

1st – GardenClub of Danville

2nd -Two Creeks Garden Club

3rd – Bowling Green Garden Club

7. Garden Therapy

Small Club 1-20 (Sponsored by Jo Jean Scot & Ann Fiel)

1st – Two Creeks Garden Club

Medium Club 21-50 (Sponsored by Carla Doyle White)

1st–  The Richmond Garden Club

Large Club 51 + (Sponsored by Bourbon County GC)

1st – The Garden Club of Danville

8. Civic Achievement

8 Ai – One Project -Single member Club (Sponsored by: Bourbon County Garden Club)

1st–  Franklin-Simpson Garden Club 

2nd -Bowling Green Garden Club

3rd  -The Garden Club of Danville

HM –  Galsgow Garden Club

8 Aii – One Project -Group of clubs/councils  (Sponsored by Bourbon County GC) 

1st -Laurel Oak Garden Club

9. Environmental Education w/Youth 

9ii Club  21 members or more

1st  – Laurel Oak Garden Club 

10. Jo Jean Scott Daffodil 

Sponsored by Becky Oliver

1st – Two Creeks Garden Club 

2nd -Bowling Green Garden Club 

11. Saving The Monarchs

Sponsored by Carla Hawkins 

11B. Club with most effective Monarch Station 

1st – Two Creeks Garden Club

2nd –  Glasgow Garden Club

14. Memorial BlueStar Marker Landscaping

14A. One Club (Sponsored by Sandra Robinson)

1st  -Glasgow Garden Club

2nd –  Franklin-Simpson Garden Club

3rd  – Bowling Green Garden Club

15. Plant It Pink 

NONE for 2021

16. Garden Tour Award

Sponsored by Bud Qualk 

1st – Laurel Oak Garden Club

17. Wallis Scrapbook 

Audubon District Sponsored by: Anonymous Donor

1st Place-   Laurel Oak Garden Club

Blue Grass District Sponsored by Kay Fisher

1st Place  – The Richmond Garden Club

Dogwood District Sponsored by Anonymous Donor

1st Place –  The Garden Club of Elizabethtown

Limestone:  none

Mt. Laurel:  none

18. Yearbook

Small Club 1-20 (Sponsored by Franklin-Simpson Garden Club in honor of Shirley Snoddy)

1st – The Potted Few Garden Club

2nd  -Two Creeks Garden Club 

Medium Club 21-50 (Sponsored by Franklin-Simpson Garden Club in honor of Shirley Snoddy)

1st – Garden Club of Elizabethtown

2nd -The Richmond Garden Club

3rd  -Laurel Oak garden Club

HM – Frannklin-Simpson Garden Club

Large Club 51+ (Sponsored by Franklin-Simpson Garden Club in honor of Shirley Snoddy)

1st – The Garden Club of Danville 

19. Club Program

19A. Club Program without Flash/CD

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor

1st – Laurel Oak Garden Club

2nd – Gateway Garden Club

19B.  Club Program with Flash/CD 

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor

1st – Two Creeks Garden Club

20. National Garden Week 

A. Single Club 

Sponsored by Teresa Walker

1st  -Two Creeks Garden Club

2nd -Bowling Green Garden Club

3rd – Garden Club of Danville

HM – The Richmond Garden Club

21.  Single News Story 

Sponsored by Susan Leo & Anonymous Donor

1st – The Richmond Garden Club

2nd – Laurel Oak Garden Club

22. Press Book Publicity

A. One Club 

Small Club 1-20

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor 

1st – The Potted Few Garden Club 

Medium Club 21-50

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor 

1st– The Richmond Garden Club

Large Club 51 +

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor 

1st – The Garden Club of Danville 

23. Photo Archiving of Accomplishments

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor 

1st – Two Creeks Garden Club

2nd  -Laurel Oak Garden Club

25. Garden Club Member Recruiting Most New Members

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor 

1st TIE  – Gateway Garden Club 

1st  TIE – Two Creeks Garden Club

2nd – Garden Club of Elizabettown 

26. Membership 

Small Club 1-20

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor 

1st – Gateway Garden Club

2nd  -Two Creeks Garden Club 

27. Sponsoring New Club

NONE submitted for 2021

28. Attendance 

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor 

1st – Garden Club of Danville

2nd – The Richmond Garden Club

3rd  -The Garden Club of Elizabethtown

29.  Three R’s Recycle, Repurpose, Remix

29A: Club

Sponsored by Jo Jean Scott 

1st– Laurel Oak Garden Club 

2nd –  Bowling Green Garden Club

33. Best Presidents Report from District Meetings

Sponsored by Edith Nelson 

1st– Dogwood District:  Franklin-Simpson Garden Club

34. Rose Award 

None submitted for 2021


#51- Flower Show Schedule

Sponsored by Flower Show Judges’ Council 

1st–  Cardinal Council of Garden Clubs

GCKY submitted 16 awards to the South Atlantic Region.

Of the 16 awards submitted Kentucky had winners for the following Awards:

SAR Award #2- Bird Protection: First Place – Two Creeks Garden Club

SAR Award #3 – Protecting Pollinators – First Place – Two Creeks Garden Club

SAR Award #7 – Garden Therapy – First Place – Two Creeks Garden Club

SAR Award #10 – National Garden Week – First Place -Two Creeks Garden Club

SAR Award # 11 – Roadside Improvement – First Place – Garden Club of Danville

SAR Award # 18 – Newsletter Publication – First Place – Franklin-Simpson Garden Club

SAR Award #20 – Club Program with Slides/CD – First Place – Laurel Oak Garden Club

SAR Award #22 – Yearbook (small club) – Third Place – Potted Few Garden Club

SAR Award #22 – Yearbook (medium club) – Honorable Mention – Garden Club of Elizabethtown

SAR Award #23 – Publicity Press Book – Potted Few Garden Club

SAR Award #24 – Flower Show Schedule Award – First Place Cardinal Council of Garden Clubs

SAR Award #Y4  – 6th Grade Poetry – Two Creeks Garden Club

Congratulations Everyone!  

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Boone County Garden Club Thanked by Fiscal Court

On June 8, 2022, the Boone County Fiscal Court presented a Proclamation for National Garden Week  to the Boone County Garden Club: “Thank you for all you do for the County.”

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Franklin Garden Tour Resumes in 2022

After a three-year hiatus, the Franklin-Simpson Garden Club resumed the popular garden tours of local homes and landmarks on Saturday, June 4.

Gardens need not be botanical wonders; sometimes a simple, quiet place with pleasing displays of plants that soothe and delight, that offer a green retreat from daily chores, is all that’s needed.

A good place to start or end this year’s tour was the Peace Garden located between the Presbyterian Church and the Cornerstone Building. A pleasant gazebo provided a shady spot to enjoy the galley style landscape. Refreshments, provided by garden club volunteers, were also available at the Cornerstone. The raised bed along the church back wall is being developed in support of Breast Cancer research with a pink floral motif on display from spring bulbs to fall perennials. Next to the gazebo, two crepe myrtle shrubs were planted in memory of two of our founding members. Need a peaceful moment, a place to snack or just rest? The Peace Garden is open to all.

Across the street at the Old Jail is a lovely butterfly garden and Monarch Way station for a break on their migration route … or to spend the summer with us! With lots of food plants for many pollinators, this area offers ideas for attracting these helpful insects to our own gardens. A pavement mural in front of the garden depicts the life cycle of the Monarch.

From the City Square, it was a short drive along West Cedar to Jan and Jerry Ausbrooks’ home. Pathways and foundations are lined with eye-catching displays of blooming plants. Among the many flowers are coreopsis, day lilies, cornflowers also known as bachelor’s buttons, larkspur, blanket flowers and swamp milkweed, which is a favorite of the Monarch and other butterflies.; 

In shady spots are ferns and astilbes. Stones were used as ground cover to great effect at the Whitaker home on Rolling Road Drive. With sculpted greenery and raised beds, the front yard presents a dignified sweep of lawn while the backyard is divided into distinct parking and work areas again with the use of stone as ground cover to mark the areas. The lawn and shrubs provide an oasis of green as a cool contrast to the hardscape. An attractive patio with table, benches and umbrella, with hanging baskets and other containers of colorful flowering plants, invites visitors to linger awhile.

As with many gardeners, what started out as a small cottage-style garden embraced by curving pavers leading to the front porch soon morphed into multiple beds with pavers and stones outlining them at the Hall residence on South College.

Libby Hall said she used to grow different lettuces, mustard, kale and spinach right there with the flowers. However, the “salad” garden seemed to be taking over, so it has its own space in the backyard now, along with tomatoes, cucumbers, snow peas and various herbs. The shade garden is stalled for now due to development construction behind the homes in the neighborhood.

Rob and Kristin Wilson completed an ambitious plan to enhance their sloping lawn with stone walls that add elegance as well as multi-level terraces to benefit the many flowers that grace them. Along with a senior who needed a prom dress and all the accoutrements that graduation demands, these busy parents and homeowners managed to sail through with humor and “true grit.” A job well done on all fronts!

Hope you’ll join the Franklin-Simpson Garden Tour next year as we admire the efforts of our local gardeners who are busy as bees in that clover patch! The Garden Club meets the third Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. at the Cornerstone.

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Edible Gardening

Watch the video “Edible Gardening” with Bud Qualk, Chair of Edible Gardening for National Garden Clubs,  now on our GCKY Youtube Channel.

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