The GCKY 2022 Awards Show

From Sharon Burcham

Dear Club Members,

I cannot put into words how much fun it was to recognize the clubs that participated in Awards this year.  Even though the past year was compromised by Covid, our members continued to promote, work together and make their gardens and hometowns a better place.  I want to congratulate the winners and also thank everyone who sent in applications.  The more clubs we have entering, the more prizes we can award.  Please think about submitting all the projects and hard work you have accomplished next year for an Award.  I am willing to visit your club and show you how easy it can be.  Just invite me, I’ll show up.  Listed below are the categories and winners for the GCKY Awards and the winners of SAR Awards.  At the printing of this Bulletin, the National Awards have not been announced so look for those winners next time.  

Garden Club of Kentucky

1. Nannine C. Wallis Bird Protection

Sponsored by Ann Fiel 

1st -Two Creeks Garden Club

2nd -Gateway Garden Club

2. Butterfly Award

Small Club 1-20 (Sponsored by Lexington Council of GC)

1st -Gateway Garden Club

2nd – Two Creeks GC

Medium Club 21-50 (Sponsored by Linda Porter )

1st – Glasgow GC 

2nd – Bowling Green GC

3. Wildflower Award

Sponsored by Linda Porter 

1st – Gateway GC

4. Charles Law Arboriculture Award

NONE submitted 2021

5. Tree Planting Award

Sponsored by Susan Throneberry 

1st– Garden Club of Danville 

2nd -Laurel Oak Garden Club

3rd  -Garden Club of Elizabethtown

HM  – The Richmond Garden Club

6. Native Plants

Sponsored by Ann Fiel 

1st – GardenClub of Danville

2nd -Two Creeks Garden Club

3rd – Bowling Green Garden Club

7. Garden Therapy

Small Club 1-20 (Sponsored by Jo Jean Scot & Ann Fiel)

1st – Two Creeks Garden Club

Medium Club 21-50 (Sponsored by Carla Doyle White)

1st–  The Richmond Garden Club

Large Club 51 + (Sponsored by Bourbon County GC)

1st – The Garden Club of Danville

8. Civic Achievement

8 Ai – One Project -Single member Club (Sponsored by: Bourbon County Garden Club)

1st–  Franklin-Simpson Garden Club 

2nd -Bowling Green Garden Club

3rd  -The Garden Club of Danville

HM –  Galsgow Garden Club

8 Aii – One Project -Group of clubs/councils  (Sponsored by Bourbon County GC) 

1st -Laurel Oak Garden Club

9. Environmental Education w/Youth 

9ii Club  21 members or more

1st  – Laurel Oak Garden Club 

10. Jo Jean Scott Daffodil 

Sponsored by Becky Oliver

1st – Two Creeks Garden Club 

2nd -Bowling Green Garden Club 

11. Saving The Monarchs

Sponsored by Carla Hawkins 

11B. Club with most effective Monarch Station 

1st – Two Creeks Garden Club

2nd –  Glasgow Garden Club

14. Memorial BlueStar Marker Landscaping

14A. One Club (Sponsored by Sandra Robinson)

1st  -Glasgow Garden Club

2nd –  Franklin-Simpson Garden Club

3rd  – Bowling Green Garden Club

15. Plant It Pink 

NONE for 2021

16. Garden Tour Award

Sponsored by Bud Qualk 

1st – Laurel Oak Garden Club

17. Wallis Scrapbook 

Audubon District Sponsored by: Anonymous Donor

1st Place-   Laurel Oak Garden Club

Blue Grass District Sponsored by Kay Fisher

1st Place  – The Richmond Garden Club

Dogwood District Sponsored by Anonymous Donor

1st Place –  The Garden Club of Elizabethtown

Limestone:  none

Mt. Laurel:  none

18. Yearbook

Small Club 1-20 (Sponsored by Franklin-Simpson Garden Club in honor of Shirley Snoddy)

1st – The Potted Few Garden Club

2nd  -Two Creeks Garden Club 

Medium Club 21-50 (Sponsored by Franklin-Simpson Garden Club in honor of Shirley Snoddy)

1st – Garden Club of Elizabethtown

2nd -The Richmond Garden Club

3rd  -Laurel Oak garden Club

HM – Frannklin-Simpson Garden Club

Large Club 51+ (Sponsored by Franklin-Simpson Garden Club in honor of Shirley Snoddy)

1st – The Garden Club of Danville 

19. Club Program

19A. Club Program without Flash/CD

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor

1st – Laurel Oak Garden Club

2nd – Gateway Garden Club

19B.  Club Program with Flash/CD 

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor

1st – Two Creeks Garden Club

20. National Garden Week 

A. Single Club 

Sponsored by Teresa Walker

1st  -Two Creeks Garden Club

2nd -Bowling Green Garden Club

3rd – Garden Club of Danville

HM – The Richmond Garden Club

21.  Single News Story 

Sponsored by Susan Leo & Anonymous Donor

1st – The Richmond Garden Club

2nd – Laurel Oak Garden Club

22. Press Book Publicity

A. One Club 

Small Club 1-20

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor 

1st – The Potted Few Garden Club 

Medium Club 21-50

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor 

1st– The Richmond Garden Club

Large Club 51 +

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor 

1st – The Garden Club of Danville 

23. Photo Archiving of Accomplishments

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor 

1st – Two Creeks Garden Club

2nd  -Laurel Oak Garden Club

25. Garden Club Member Recruiting Most New Members

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor 

1st TIE  – Gateway Garden Club 

1st  TIE – Two Creeks Garden Club

2nd – Garden Club of Elizabettown 

26. Membership 

Small Club 1-20

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor 

1st – Gateway Garden Club

2nd  -Two Creeks Garden Club 

27. Sponsoring New Club

NONE submitted for 2021

28. Attendance 

Sponsored by Anonymous Donor 

1st – Garden Club of Danville

2nd – The Richmond Garden Club

3rd  -The Garden Club of Elizabethtown

29.  Three R’s Recycle, Repurpose, Remix

29A: Club

Sponsored by Jo Jean Scott 

1st– Laurel Oak Garden Club 

2nd –  Bowling Green Garden Club

33. Best Presidents Report from District Meetings

Sponsored by Edith Nelson 

1st– Dogwood District:  Franklin-Simpson Garden Club

34. Rose Award 

None submitted for 2021


#51- Flower Show Schedule

Sponsored by Flower Show Judges’ Council 

1st–  Cardinal Council of Garden Clubs

GCKY submitted 16 awards to the South Atlantic Region.

Of the 16 awards submitted Kentucky had winners for the following Awards:

SAR Award #2- Bird Protection: First Place – Two Creeks Garden Club

SAR Award #3 – Protecting Pollinators – First Place – Two Creeks Garden Club

SAR Award #7 – Garden Therapy – First Place – Two Creeks Garden Club

SAR Award #10 – National Garden Week – First Place -Two Creeks Garden Club

SAR Award # 11 – Roadside Improvement – First Place – Garden Club of Danville

SAR Award # 18 – Newsletter Publication – First Place – Franklin-Simpson Garden Club

SAR Award #20 – Club Program with Slides/CD – First Place – Laurel Oak Garden Club

SAR Award #22 – Yearbook (small club) – Third Place – Potted Few Garden Club

SAR Award #22 – Yearbook (medium club) – Honorable Mention – Garden Club of Elizabethtown

SAR Award #23 – Publicity Press Book – Potted Few Garden Club

SAR Award #24 – Flower Show Schedule Award – First Place Cardinal Council of Garden Clubs

SAR Award #Y4  – 6th Grade Poetry – Two Creeks Garden Club

Congratulations Everyone!  

William Beau Weston Awarded GCKY Enrichment Award For 2020 

This award is given annually to a non-garden club member or organization that exemplifies the goals of The Garden Club of Kentucky.                 

Thanks to the vision and dedication of one man, Danville’s tree canopy will be increased by at least 500 trees in the space of 10 years, most of them lining the city’s main streets. William Beau Weston, Professor of Sociology at Centre College, has been working for years to shade the city’s sidewalks. 

Weston walks daily from his home on St. Mildreds Court near Centre’s campus, down Main Street, to his unofficial “office” at a local coffee shop downtown.  After the ice storm of 2009 took down so many old trees, his walk lost most of its shade. His first project was to organize the householders of St. Mildreds Court to plant 26 trees on their street. This led to a more ambitious plan to shade the sidewalks of Danville, which became the Danville Tree Fund.

In 2014 Weston learned about Kentucky Utility’s “Plant for the Planet” program. The program is modeled after the United Nations Environment Program’s “Billion Tree Campaign.” The purpose of this international effort is to bring individuals, communities, and businesses together to collectively plant over one billion trees worldwide each year. 

KU’s program is designed to encourage nonprofit organizations and local government agencies to plant more trees. A grant application must be submitted each year. For 5 out of the past 6 years, Kentucky Utilities has given the Danville program a grant to match what is raised locally, up to $5,000 a year. Grant winners have not yet been announced for 2019, but there is every hope that funds collected this year will be matched for next year’s tree planting. So far approximately $35,000 raised locally has been matched by KU. This wouldn’t have happened without the dedication of Beau Weston. 

He began by asking the Danville City Commission for its blessing in applying for the grants. The commissioners enthusiastically gave him the go-ahead. This became a joint effort of many individuals and organizations. Weston worked tirelessly in the beginning to connect the people who collectively run the program and to set up a secure system for collecting and disbursing the funds raised. 

By networking with many organizations, he came up with a winning combination: The county extension agent chooses the species of trees; the Danville Beautification Committee, which is made up of local citizens, picks the spots to plant the trees; the city of Danville provides the labor to plant and maintain the trees; and the Wilderness Trace Community Foundation handles the money. This is a perfect example of different constituencies working together for the common good – the city, the state (through the extension service), volunteer civic agencies, community betterment groups, KU’s corporate foundation, and many private citizens

Weston aims to collect at least $5,000 each year and is persistent in soliciting contributions from individuals and organizations before the grant application is due in November. One hundred dollars, matched by an equal amount from KU will buy one tree, but donations of any size are accepted. The goal is 50 trees a year and, depending on tree prices, it has been up to 75 trees planted in one year.  

Every year he sends out emails to anyone who might be remotely interested and arranges for publicity in the newspaper and on social media. Local organizations have contributed since the program began, along with many individuals, families, and businesses. Each year since 2017 Weston has applied for and been awarded a $500 grant from the Garden Club of Danville, which uses profits from its garden tours to support gardening and environmental projects.          

The trees are a mixture of species, especially native ones, that are suitable for high-traffic streets. They are sizable trees three inches in diameter and about 10-feet high. The KU grant requires that the trees be watered and maintained for at least three years, which is done by the city. Each tree gets a water bag for the first year and is watered as necessary for two more years. The city of Danville picks up the trees from the seller, stores them until planting time, plants them, supplies and fills the “gator” water bags, and maintains the trees. Weston says that these larger trees have a much better survival rate than the seedlings planted by some other organizations.

In the past six years over 300 trees have been planted along Danville streets, thanks to Beau Weston’s initiative and organizational skills. He has noted that the purpose of the project is to enhance the beauty and livability of Danville by providing all the things that trees are good for – shade, beauty, oxygen, animal and insect habitat, heat control, and civic pride. The Danville Tree Fund furthers all the objectives of the Garden Club of Kentucky by promoting interest in and knowledge of trees, beautifying our community, and cooperating with other agencies to promote conservation of native plants. 

Nominated by The Garden Club of Danville  

News articles

Ziesmer Awarded 2019 GCKY Enrichment Award

Robert L. (Bob) Ziesmer, Danville, was awarded the Garden Club of Kentucky Enrichment Award at the 2019 state meeting held in Berea in April 2019. The award is given annually to a non-garden club member or organization that exemplifies the goals of the Garden Club of Kentucky.

Bob Ziesmer supplies not only his friends in the community with produce from his gardens, he supplies Grace Cafe, a local non-profit pay-as-you-can restaurant committed to serving fresh, healthy, local food regardless of the patron’s ability to pay for it.

His newest project is to raise vegetables which are typically found in Syrian markets for the two Syrian refugee families who have recently settled in Danville. Not only does he provide for his Syrian friends, he has introduced these exciting and exotic vegetables into the greater Danville community.

Working with Centre College students and students from Boyle County High School, Bob has expanded his efforts in planting more and larger gardens to provide these “new” vegetables. Around town, he is known as “Centre Grandpa.”

The award was presented by Donna Smith, GCKY first vice-president, and Gigi Biles, state historian and member of the Garden Club of Danville, who nominated Bob for the award.

Submitted by Gigi Biles

Read the article



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