Hosting an Annual Meeting



An Annual Convention shall be held in the Spring.

The Annual Convention is the GCKY Presidents Meeting.  The President shall be informed of all decisions made by the Host District for approval.

Districts shall be host in alphabetical order, and the Director of the District in which the meeting is to be held and the GCKY President shall recommend to the Executive Board at its Annual Meeting the time and place for the next Annual Meeting.

The official Call to the Convention shall be printed in the March Issue of The Bulletin.  The official Call must be submitted no later than January 1st for publication.

The invitation for the next Annual Meeting will be extended by the upcoming Host District Director at the conclusion of the present Annual Meeting.

Accommodations Needed –

As soon as the date for the Annual Meeting has been set by the GCKY President and the District Director, the host district is expected to provide an adequate meeting place, meals, housing, and other accommodations as required.   

General Chair-

The General Chair of the Annual Meeting is appointed by the District Director of the Host District. The General Chair shall then appoint a Co Chair and all other Committee Chairs.

The Co Chair will assist the General Chair in her duties and keep abreast of all decisions being made should the General Chair no longer be able to continue in their duties.

Honorary Chair – The District Director is the Honorary Chair and is the liaison between the Convention Committees and Clubs in the District so that responsibilities of the Meeting are shared throughout the District. Treasurer and/or Registrar

All expenses shall be paid by the Annual Convention Treasurer and an itemized statement of receipts and disbursements shall be sent to the GCKY President and State Treasurer following the Meeting. A full report of the meeting expenses will be given at the next GCKY Executive Meeting following the Annual Meeting.

The Host District is allowed to retain 50% of any net profit.

Registrar Chair may also be treasurer.  All arrangements pertaining to advance and arrival registrations is handled by this chair. A financial report of registration and meal fees collected and registration expenses will be submitted to the convention chair and treasurer at the close of the convention.

Club Participation

Clubs in the Host District are expected to participate by working with the Chairs to provide necessary assistance.  These may include decorations, favors, door prizes, and/or financial donations. Participation will be coordinated through the District Director and General Chair.


The National Garden Club President or Representative, The South Atlantic Regional Director in an official capacity and the GCKY State President shall receive all hospitality after arrival at the Annual Meeting. Speakers are to be provided with registration and meal fees if they have been invited as program participants.  Additional hospitality and travel shall be at the discretion of the GCKY State President and Convention Chair.


The Official Welcome to the Annual Meeting is given by the Host District Director at the opening session.


The GCKY President appoints a member from outside the Host District to respond to the welcome. The response may thank the Host District for their invitation and express appreciation for the arrangements and accommodations provided those in attendance.

Duties of the General Chair

After consultation with the GCKY President, the General Chair shall:

  1. Keep a master file of everything, from who will do what, where, when and cost. Also the program as it develops and names as they are filled in and your expenses.
  2. Do anything you can do early in the planning to have that accomplished and have an alternate plan. Continue to check with those accepting jobs to see how they are progressing in their duties and if they need help.
  3. Theme – The Theme of the Meeting is at the discretion of the GCKY President. If the President does not have a theme, then the
  4. Convention Committee may provide the theme with the President approval.
  5. Committee Chairs – Appoint all Committee Chairs as needed by the District or Annual Meeting.
  6. Reservations – Make all reservations with the hotel for meeting space, rooms, meals, etc. This must include hospitality rooms for invited quest. The price of rooms, with convention rate, to registrar for the meeting should be published in the Call with hotel information. Directions to the hotel and any other pertinent information should be given.
  7. Meals – Select and order all meals and set meal fees. Prices of all meals shall include gratuities, and any special feature of entertainment shall be subject to the approval of the GCKY President.  Meals prices may be padded to correspond with any extra expense of the meal. Consult with presidents of the following for their input: Landscape Consultant Breakfast – odd years, Gardening Consultant Breakfast – even years and Judges Council Dinner – every year. Work with the hotel staff and get as much down as to cost of meals, taxes and gratuities and sign the contract so they cannot increase your cost once you have sent the information in to the   Meal cost may be padded to defray the cost of other necessities connected with that meal such as reception, programs or special events.
  8. Times and locations – Pre Convention Meetings – Executive Board, Advisory Board, Judges Council Dinner, either Landscape or Gardening Consultants Breakfast need a location, time and any meals connected with such meetings. Convention Meetings – Board of Governors, General Assembly, workshops, council meetings, called meetings of special committees will require designated times and rooms.
  9. Pages – Appoint full-time pages for GCKY President, Special guest such as National President or representative and SAR Director depending on which is guest of the convention. Speakers may also need pages or assistants.  Convention Chair also needs a page.
  10. Flag Presentation – The presentation of The Flag of the United States of America should be near the beginning of the Opening Session. If a Color Guard is not available, then have the pledge appoint someone to lead the pledge.  Do Not have the pledge if an American Flag is Not in the room. The Flag is placed to the right of the speakers stand.
  11. Invitations – Issue invitations to local dignitaries such as Mayor, Judge Executive, ministers, flag presenters, etc. Instruct them on time allotted for them to speak.
  12. Printing of Program – Have the Official Program printed after final approval by the GCKY President. It is nice to have the program two weeks prior to the meeting to have for Officers, Chairs and for reference.  It must be available when Executive Committee members register for their pre-convention meeting.
  13. Bulletin – A registration form and advance information with details of the Annual Meeting must be provided by January 1st to the Bulletin editor for publication in the March issue. This should include speakers, guest and other information to excite and interest the members to attend.  Hotel information also needs to be given.
  14. Bylaws – Check the GCKY Bylaws concerning Annual Meetings, and/or other questions before final plans are confirmed.

Convention Treasurer

  1. Work closely with the Registration Chair.
  2. Open a bank account for the convention. Do Not use a personal or club account.
  3. Deposit all monies received from registration and meal fees.
  4. Check with General Chair as to speaker fees and other expenses that need to be budgeted. The GCKY Treasurer will remit $200.00 from GCKY’s General Fund towards the speaker’s fee upon request from the Convention Treasurer.
  5. With the approval of the GCKY Executive Committee, may advance $600.00 to the Convention Treasurer. This amount is to be repaid from the registration fees collected.
  6. Pay for all printing, postage, hospitality etc.
  7. Pay for and make reservations for lodging for invited guest. Have meal tickets and any pertinent information available for them in their registration packets.
  8. Judges Council Banquet – Pay for one night lodging and one meal for the Judges Council Program presenter.  The Judges Council also receives $200.00 from the meeting to offset cost of program.
  9. Verify meal tickets received from the Registration chair with the hotel and then pay for meals.
  10. Prepare a financial report to be given to the District Director, General Chair, GCKY President and GCKY Executive Committee.
  11. This report is presented at the following GCKY Executive Committee Meeting. 50% of net profits will be returned to the District.

Registration Chair

  1. Be responsible for everything pertaining to both Advance and Arrival registrations. Keep a copy on file of every registrations so if questions come up you can confirm what you have done.
  2. Work closely with Convention Treasurer.
  3. Draw up a Registration List to supply all information needed by the Credentials and Protocol Chairs.
  4. Collect registration fees from ALL in attendance. Registration fees should reflect on time registration and added fees for late registration.  Fees now are in the $25.00 range.  Discretion should be used to be able to pay the bills but not overly charge attendees.
  5. Accept all money for registration and meals, with registration form to confirm. No refunds will be given on registration. Meals may be refunded if notification is confirmed two weeks prior to the meeting date.
  6. Registration packets – envelopes are purchased and prepared to include Name tags, meal tickets, program, favors (if any) any special seating instruction or information. Make 2 copies of their registration form and have one in their packet so they can review what they paid for and you keep a copy for your files should questions arise. Everything needs to be at the registration table before registration opens. “Rain Checks” or noting who has not gotten what they were suppose to have can create problems.
  7. Have name tags printed. Tip – Assign each attendee a number and put that number on their Name tag and all their meal tickets. Collect meal tickets and give door prizes from the number on the meal ticket.  This will ensure that all meal tickets will be collected for a correct number. Also only those at the meal that have turned in their meal ticket will be eligible for a door prize.
  8. Have meal tickets printed. Tip – It is best to have each meal have its own color ticket. Example all blue tickets are for the banquet. Yellow for breakfast and so forth.
  9. Give a financial report of registration and meal fees collected and registration expenses at the close of the convention to the Convention Chair. This information is necessary to be included in the Convention Treasurer’s financial report.


The 1st Vice President, in consultation with the GCKY President and Convention Chair is responsible for obtaining and arranging for Speakers. (Bylaws- Article VIII Section 2 b.)

  1. Determine the Speaker’s fee in advance and arrange payment of the fee with the Convention Treasurer. (The Speaker’s fee is to be provided for through convention monies. A gift may be indicated in lieu of a fee. The is the responsibility of the 1st Vice President)
  2. Arrange with the House Readiness Chair for the provisions of props or equipment needed by the Speaker; tables, microphones, lighting, screen, computer etc.
  3. Obtain a check from the Convention Treasurer for Speaker’s fee, with the exception for the Judges Council Banquet program, this is paid by the Judges Council.
  4. Direct and consult with the Hospitality Chair regarding hospitality to Speakers, i.e. meals, registration and lodging if required.

Protocol Chair

The Protocol Chair is the GCKY Protocol Chair.  The duties of the Protocol Chair is under Duties of State Officers of this Manual.

Decorations Chair

  1. Work with the District Director, General Chair and clubs of the Host District in planning, coordinating, executing, financing and seeing that decorations are in place at the proper time.
  2. See that work space is provided for the table designs or exhibits to be assembled.
  3. Clubs may offer designs for sale or as door prizes. This is the clubs exclusive effort and does not go through the Convention Treasury.
  4. Favors may also be placed in the registration packets or given at the registration table.
  5. If special favors are to be given to the Executive Board Members they can be placed in their rooms with the assistance of the hotel, or handed out at their pre-convention meeting.

Hospitality Chair

  1. This committee is responsible for hosting each meal. They are responsible for collecting meal tickets, making sure each attendee has a ticket turned in and a correct counting is given to the Registration Chair.  Tickets may also be used to award door prizes.
  2. Serve as Hostess throughout the meeting for visiting dignitaries. Know the arrival time of guest, meet them upon arrival or arrange transportation to the meeting. Upon arrival give them a registration packet with meal tickets and program, provide any necessary instructions and escort them as they require.
  3. Introduce them to their page, should one be assigned.
  4. Provide registration packets to the Executive Board at the time of their pre-convention meeting. Registration packets should include; Convention program, meal tickets, invitations and/or special seating instructions or information. The GCKY President issues any invitations for head table or special table seating.

Special Programs and Meals

Judges Council Banquet

Convention is responsible for;

  1. Paying for one night lodging for speaker.
  2. Paying for the speaker’s meal at the banquet.
  3. Giving the Judges Council $200.00 to help defray the cost of the program.

Judges Council is responsible for;

  1. Obtaining and paying the Speaker’s fee for the banquet and for any travel expenses incurred.
  2. Decorations for the banquet.
  3. Planning and executing the head table seating.
  4. Selecting the menu and price for the banquet in conjunction with the General Chair of the Convention.

Gardening Consultants or Landscape Consultants Breakfast

Gardening Consultants host breakfast in the even years and the Landscape Consultants host breakfast in the odd years.

They are responsible for the same as Judges Council as stated above.  The convention may assist in obtaining a speaker. The breakfast cost may be padded to defray the speaker’s fee.  Otherwise the Convention is not responsible for any expenses.

Scholarship Lunch – The Wednesday lunch has been set aside for Scholarships. You will have to pay for scholarship recipient meal and perhaps for anyone coming with them, such as parent or teacher. The State Scholarship Chair should tell you how many will be attending and how many meals will be included.  The lunch cost may be padded to cover the extra expense.

House Readiness Chair arranges with the hotel for microphones, tables, special lighting, room temperature, computer, screens and any other equipment requested.  If equipment is being brought by Chairs or Speakers, work with them to provide power to equipment or placement.

  1. The Head Table will need a speaker stand and microphone.
  2. A floor lectern and microphone is needed for Reports of State Officers, District Directors and Chairs.
  3. Tables shall be provided for the display of the awards. Consult with the State Awards Chair for space required
  4. Tables and/or space may be requested by Chairs of State Committee’s.
  5. The Chaplain may request a table or stand for the Memorial Service.
  6. As Ways and Means – you may have Vendors that will need tables and space. You will need to know how much space is available for Ways and Means and how much space they want.

State President

The GCKY President is responsible for:

  1. Issuing invitations to National Officers, SAR Director or other high officials.
  2. Planning the agenda and order of business for the convention.
  3. Providing the General Chair a list of those presiding, giving invocations, or otherwise involved in the program, in ample time to be included in the printed program.
  4. Final approval of the Official Program before it goes to print.
  5. Plan for those who will be honored at each meal for head table seating.
  6. Provide a head table seating chart to the Protocol Chair and Hostess Chair in advance of all meals.
  7. If a gift is indicated for Special Guest, selecting and purchasing such gifts (subject to the approval of the Executive Board) and presenting the bill to the State Treasurer for payment or reimbursement. This payment is not the responsibility of the Annual Convention Treasurer.
  1. Requesting additional displays as needed to be set up for the Annual Convention.
  2. Appoint a Credentials Chair for the Convention to confirm voting delegates and other requirements as noted in Duties of State Chairs under Credentials.