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The Garden Club of Kentucky, Inc. is divided into five districts as outlined in Bylaws Article IV, Section 1.


District Director, Vice Director, Secretary and Treasurer.

Board of Governors

Officers, Club Presidents and Club Delegates,  District Representative to GCKY Headquarters Board of Trustees, members of the District Nominating Committee, State Nominating committee member and other District Chairs.


District Director

Bylaws Article VIII Section 18

  1. Direct activities of their District
  2. Advance the purposes of The Garden Club of Kentucky, Inc.
  3. Serve as member of and attend meetings of Executive Committee, Board of Directors and the Board of Governors meetings.
  4. Hold an annual meeting of the clubs in their district each fall.
  5. Keep club members informed of state, regional and national business by newsletter particularly following Executive Committee meetings.
  6. Send Fall District Meeting report of 300 word limit to The Bulletin Editor immediately after district meeting. This report should contain the names of those elected to district offices, state nominating committee and/or State Headquarters representative.

District Director as given in Duties of State Officers

  1. To qualify for office as District Director, a member must have served as President of a garden club and attended 2 State Annual Conventions during the preceding four years. This can be the meeting at which they are installed subject to prevailing circumstances.
  2. Must be ratified by the Executive Committee of GCKY and shall assume office at the same time as State Officers.
  3. No Director is eligible for re-election
  4. Since Directors automatically become members of the Executive Committee of GCKY it is important that experienced, conscientious and able persons be elected.
  5. If a vacancy occurs in the office of District Director, the Vice Director will become the Director.
  6. Two unexcused consecutive absents from the GCKY Executive Committee Meetings constitutes means for removal and the Vice Director will become Director.
  7. If the Director cannot attend a GCKY Executive Committee Meeting it is the Vice Director’s duty to attend but does not have voting privileges.

Duties of District Director

  1. Direct the activities within the District.
  2. Attend all meetings of the Executive Committee (4) and report outstanding activities of clubs and newly organized clubs. Copies of report are to be submitted to GCKY President, secretary and for district records.
  3. Obtain as much information at Committee Meetings as possible and make it available to clubs in their district.
  4. A five ( 5 ) minute report will be given at the GCKY Annual Meeting and send a copy to Bulletin Make two copies of this report for the GCKY Secretary.
  5. Plan and Preside at District Meeting and arrange time and place for the meeting after consulting with GCKY President and Hostess club, then select individuals to take part in the meeting. Be responsible for a printed program.
  6. Notify the GCKY President, 1st Vice President, Treasurer, and Bulletin Editor of any change in club president or president’s information.
  7. The Director is to submit receipts, up to $200.00 for the 2 year term, to the District Treasurer for expenses related to the duties of the office. Expenses to be paid from District funds.
  8. Appoint a Chair when the District is responsible for the GCKY Annual Convention.
  9. Appoint Chairs to coordinate with activities of State Chairs.
  10. Appoint Chair of the District Nominating Committee from the three (3) elected members.

Duties of Vice Director

  1. Assist the Director in the work of the District and GCKY
  2. Is responsible for the District Meeting program and courtesies which may include making reservations, meeting and greeting the GCKY President upon arrival and appointing a page for the President should one be needed.
  3. Assume the duties of the Director in the absence of the Director.
  4. Attend the GCKY Executive Committee and Board of Directors Meetings in the absence of the Director without voting privileges.
  5. Assume the office of Director should a vacancy occur.


  1. Record the proceedings of all meetings of the Board of Governors and District Executive Committee Meeting. Upon the approval of the minutes by the appointed committee, copies are to be distributed as required. A copy shall be placed in the permanent record of the District.
  2. Read the Motions from the Board of Governors Meeting at the General Business Meeting for consideration.
  3. Be custodian of all records pertaining to the office and release them to the successor at the end of the term.
  4. Shall call the roll for reports at the District Business Meeting.
  5. Shall conduct all correspondence as directed by the Director.


  1. Shall open a District Account, if one is not already established. The Treasurer and Director shall be on the signature card though only one signature is required to sign checks or as the bank directs.
  2. Shall be responsible for accounting of all monies received and disbursed and pay all bills as directed in a timely manner.
  3. Shall remit to the Director up to $200.00 ($100.00 per year) from the District Account, for expenses during the two year term upon receiving receipts for the expenditure.
  4. Shall present a Financial report to the District Executive Committee, Board of Governors and District Meeting and/or upon request from the Director or District Executive Committee.
  5. Districts may maintain a balance of $2,000.00 at all times. Any monies in excess of this amount at the end of an administration shall be remitted to the State Treasurer unless the District is engaged in a special project and has special permission from the GCKY Executive Committee to maintain a larger balance.

Awards will be at the discretion of the District.


  1. There shall be a regular meeting of the District Board of Governors immediately preceding the District General Assembly to make recommendations for consideration to be approved by vote at the General Assembly.
  2. The District Director may extend a courtesy invitation to the GCKY President and any state officers present to attend the District Board of Governors Meeting.
  3. District Executive Committee Meetings may be called at the discretion of the Director.

District General Assembly

The General Assembly of the District is comprised of the accredited delegates and members from the clubs within the district.  Voting delegates are determined by one voting delegate per ten members or fraction thereof per club. Voting delegates should be designated at registration.

Quorums shall be a majority of the voting body present and voting. The voting strength shall be based on paid membership to GCKY with 1 vote per 10 members or fraction per club. A voting member shall have but one vote, even though entitled to vote in more than one capacity.  There shall be no voting by proxy.

District Finance Income of the district is derived from the registration fees of the District Meeting, and may be supplemented by District Ways and Means Projects. Special Projects of the District may have their own Ways and Means to finance the approved project.

District Nominating Committee

Odd Years – The District Nomination Committee for District Officers shall consist of three (3) members elected from different counties within the district in the odd numbered years.  The District Director shall appoint a Chair from the three elected members.

The District Nominating Committee shall:

  1. Nominate one (1) candidate for each elected office to be filled after having ascertained that each nominee is qualified and willing to serve if elected. Office to be filled are Director, Vice Director, Secretary, and Treasure.
  2. No officer is eligible for re-election, with the exception of Treasurer.
  3. To be eligible for nomination to the office of District Director, each nominee shall have served at least one (1) term as a club president and attended at least two (2) of the last four (4) GCKY Annual Convention. The Director is the only nominee that must meet eligibility requirements.
  4. Recommend a nominee for District Representative to the State Headquarters Board of Trustees according to the following schedule:

ODD Years – Audubon and Blue Grass Districts

EVEN Years – Dogwood, Limestone, and Mt. Laurel Districts

The two year term of office shall commence the following April.

  1. Recommend four (4) nominees for consideration for state office and/or state chairs to the General Meeting in the ODD years. If a member of the District has served on the state board, the State Nominating Committee may consider that member without further endorsement from the district.
  2. The Chair of the District Nomination Committee may obtain personnel data sheets of the nominees recommended for district office. Candidates for State Office consideration MUST fill out personnel sheet for the State Personnel Chair and for the State Nominating Committee.  These forms are sent to the State Personnel Chair.
  3. Finalize and report the prepared slate to the District Director with a copy for the Secretary.

Method of Election

  1. In the EVEN years the slate of nominees shall be presented to the Board of Governors for consideration and then presented to the General Meeting for election.
  2. Nominations may be made from the floor of the General Meeting.
  3. Election shall be by ballot should there be more than one nominee for an office.

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  1. A majority vote shall constitute an election.
  2. Officers shall be elected for a term of two years. No officer shall serve more than one consecutive term in the same office except the treasurer.
  3. Officers will assume duties upon installation at the district meeting in the EVEN Years, with the exception of the Director who shall be officially installed at the GCKY Annual Meeting.

GCKY Nominating Committee Representative and Alternate

The District General Assembly shall elect a Representative and Alternate to the GCKY Nominating Committee in the ODD years.  The District  representative and alternate should have attended two (2) of the last three (3) GCKY Annual Conventions and two (2) of the last three (3) District Meetings. (Bylaw Article XIV, Section 1e).  In the event the representative cannot attend the meeting and the alternate serves on the nominating committee, the alternate becomes the representative and serves at all future meetings. (Bylaws Article XIV, Section 1f).  Nominations may come from the floor after establishing the nominee is qualified to serve.

Club President Report

Each club will be given opportunity to report the activities of their club.  This report may be given by the club president or representative.  The time limit on the report is established by the District Director at least two weeks prior to the meeting to give ample time for the report to be compiled.  Three copies are needed to give to the Director, Secretary and for club files.