Duties of State Officers

Revised 2013

Each officer shall serve as a member of the Executive Committee and of the Board of Directors and shall perform the duties prescribed by the Bylaws, the Standing Rules and by the adopted Parliamentary Authority’ and report to each GCKY Annual Convention and at other times as required.

Elected Officers

The Elective Officers shall be the President; First, Second and Third Vice Presidents; Recording Secretary, Treasurer and District Directors. (Bylaws, Article VII, Section 1)   The Immediate Former President automatically assumes the office of Advisory Board Chairman. (By-laws Article VIII, Section 5)

Appointed Officers

The appointed officer of GCKY shall be the Corresponding Secretary, Parliamentarian, Financial Advisor, Bylaw Chairman, Fund Raiser, Historian, Bulletin Editor, Chaplain, and Board of Trustees Chairman.


All Officers must make a report to the State President by February 1st. Each officer shall report at the Annual Convention (2 Minutes) and District Directors (5 minutes).  The report shall be typed (double spaced) and two copies given to the State Recording Secretary – one for the file and one for Bulletin publication at the end of the administration (odd years).


The President must reside in Kentucky to comply with SAR Bylaw change.

The President’s duties:

  1. Be chief executive officer and official representative of The Garden Club of Kentucky, Inc.
  2.  Presides at all meetings of The Garden Club of Kentucky, Inc. The Board of Governors, and the Executive Committee;
  3. Appoints the Chairman of Standing and Special Committees; is a member of all committees subject to the ratification of the Executive Committee.
  4. Directs the activities of all Officers and State Chairmen.
  5. Be ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee;
  6. Works with the General Chairman of the Annual Convention and the District Director of the Host District in planning the Annual Convention and approve the Program.
  7. Has the authority, upon approval of the Executive Committee to refuse or accept cash or other legacies on behalf of The Garden Club of Kentucky (By-law Article VIII, Section 1)
  8. The President shall assign duties to Chairmen of Committees, as specified in the Bylaws.
  9.   Keep in close touch with the affairs of the State Headquarters as an ex-officio member of the Headquarters’ Board of Trustees.
  10.  In accordance with the Bylaws Article VIII, Section 1 c. the President shall appoint the following Officers: Bulletin Editor, Chaplain, Corresponding Secretary, Financial Advisor, Historian, Parliamentarian, Protocol, and Fund Raiser and Bylaws Chairman.
  11.  The President sets the time and place of the Executive Committee Meetings, plans the agenda, and is responsible for seeing that the members are notified two (2) weeks in advance of the meetings.  She may request the Corresponding Secretary to issue the notices and handle any reservations required.
  12. The President sets the dates for all District Meetings in consultation with the Director of each district, and attends all District Meetings.
  13.  The President represents The Garden Club of Kentucky, Inc. at the South Atlantic Regional Meeting, gives the President’s Report and accepts the awards for the state at the Awards Presentation.
  14. The President represents GCKY at the National Garden Club Annual Convention and Fall Board Meeting and gives the President’s Report, and accepts the awards for the state at the Awards Presentation.  (When the National Convention occurs after the State President takes office, the Immediate Former President, if she is attending the meeting, gives the President’s Report and accepts the awards for the state at the Awards Presentation.)  Each State President is entitled to represent the state at two (2) consecutive conventions.  If the State President can not attend the First Vice President will represent the state.
  15. The President is responsible for a President’s Message, (approximately 300 words) for each quarterly publication of the BULLETIN.  You should check in your BULLETIN for deadline dates.
  16. President’s Pin An authorized National Garden Club Pin (owned by GCKY) is worn by the State President during their term of office.  The pin is presented by the retiring President to the incoming President at the installation ceremony during the Annual Convention.

         Reports of the President

  1. The President is responsible for reporting at the National Garden Club Convention, South Atlantic Regional Meeting, The Annual Meeting, and the BULLETIN quarterly message and the Annual Report.
  2. Immediately upon election, the President sends the name, address, phone number and E-Mail address of all State Officers to the National Garden Club President, Corresponding Secretary of  NGC and the SAR Director.
  3.  She also sends the name, address, phone number and E-Mail of the State Chairman to each corresponding National Garden Club and Regional Chairman.
  4.  Each year the President sends to the NATIONAL GARDENER duplicate copies of the Master List of State Officers and Club Presidents for receipt of complimentary subscriptions to the publication.  The list should be typed (double-spaced), arranged alphabetically by towns.  Electronic device may be used.
  5. The President instructs the State Treasurer to pay dues to the National Garden Club when due.  The National Garden Club’s fiscal year is June 1- May 31.  Dues are based on per capita membership.
  6. The President instructs the State Treasurer to pay annual dues to the South Atlantic Region by June 1.
  7. The President attends to National Garden Club Annual Convention and the National Council Fall Board Meeting each year, and appoints delegates to the National Garden Club Annual Convention. Elected delegates and alternates are based on dues remitted to NGC  by October 31st and any additional dues remitted prior to thirty (30) days preceding the NGC Convention as follows;

(500 or less – 2, 501 to 1,000 – 3, 1,001 to 1,500 – 4, 1,501 to 2,000 – 5, 2,001 to 3,000 – 6, and one per 1,000 members up to a total of 12.  The same number of alternates is to be appointed.)

  1. The President appoints delegates to the SAR; Ten delegates and ten

alternates permitted each state.

First Vice President

The First Vice President shall:

  1. The elected First Vice President shall become President – Elect as of January 1 in the election year (By-laws Article VII, Section 1)
  2. The First Vice President shall be an ex-officio member (without a vote)of the Headquarters Board of Trustees.
  3. In the event the Treasurer for any reason is unable to serve, the First Vice President shall have authority to perform the duties of the Treasurer,  is authorized to sign checks and is bonded when assuming this office.
  4. The second key to the Safety Deposit Box is kept by the First Vice President.
  5. With the approval of the President the First Vice President obtains the Annual Convention Speaker and arranges for fees and hospitality.
  6. The First Vice President serves as Admission and Membership Chairman.(By-laws Article VIII, Section 2)
  7. Keeps membership data base.
  8. Serves as chairman to approve minutes of all meetings of GCKY and is responsible for having them within three weeks from the meeting.
  9. Assist the President in the work of GCKY
  10. In the absence of the President, perform the duties of that office.
  11. Becomes President when a vacancy occurs.

Second Vice President

The Second Vice President must;

  1. Serve as Awards Chairman.( By-laws Article VIII, Section 3) and become familiar with all State, Regional, and National awards and the regulations governing them as to eligibility, deadlines, requirements, etc.
  2. Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President and First Vice President.
  3. Serve as a member to approve the minutes of all GCKY meeting.

Third Vice President

The Third Vice President shall

  1. Be the South Atlantic Region and NGC Projects Chairman and other projects which may be designated by the President. (By-laws Article VIII, Section 4)
  2. Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President, First and Second Vice President.
  3. Serves as a member to approve the minutes of the GCKY meeting.

Immediate Former President

The Immediate Former President shall

  1. Assists the new State President in an orderly, smooth change of administrations
  2. Serve as Advisory Board Chairman and attend all Executive Committee and Board of Governors Meetings and inform the Advisory Board Members of business, policy and procedures that may need consideration.
  3. Serves as District Advisor.
  4. It is also the duty of the Immediate Former President to present the Former President’s Pin to the outgoing President immediately following the installation of new officers.

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary must:

  1. Records and keeps in permanent form the minutes of the meetings of The Garden Club of Kentucky, Inc., the Board of Governors, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee. The Recording Secretary is custodian of all records pertaining to the office.
  2. Within three (3) weeks after the meetings, minutes of the above meetings shall be mailed or e-mailed to the President and to the Committee appointed for approval of the minutes.
  3. Copies of the approved minutes are sent to the remainder of the Executive Committee and the Advisory Board no later than thirty (30) days after the meeting.
  4. An official copy of the approved minutes is to be filed and must carry the signature of the State President, the Recording Secretary and members of the Approval Committee. (Bylaws Article VIII, Section 6)


The Treasurer must;

Be  responsible for the accounting of all monies due GCKY and for the collection and distribution of its funds and be bonded. (Bylaws Article VIII Section 8 b.)

  1. Disburses the funds with the approval of the President and Financial Advisor, as prescribed by the adopted budget.
  2. Beginning each new term a statement of change of Registered Agent is to be submitted to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Secretary of state with name of new GCKY State Treasurer along with appropriate Filing fee. (June 1013)
  3. Serve as a member of the Budget Committee.
  4. Is bonded for such sums as shall be decided by the Executive Committee. (Bylaws Article VIII, Section 8)
  5. The Treasurer shall make quarterly reports with fund balances to the Executive Committee at their regular meetings on receipts and disbursements of monies of the various accounts, i.e. General Fund, Headquarters and Scholarship.
  6. Shall pay dues to the NGC upon direction of the State President. Dues are based on paid per capita members and are payable by June 1.  Dues for added members shall be sent as necessary.
  7. As of June 1st, the Treasurer shall notify all delinquent clubs of non-payment of dues.  She shall inform each District Director of any delinquent clubs in their respective districts for personal contact by the Director.
  8. After August 31st, the Treasurer shall notify any remaining delinquent clubs of dues owed to bring the club back into good standing.
  9. The Treasurer is responsible for the books of accounts of GCKY and secures the services of an independent Certified Public Accountant, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, to examine the books of the accounts at the end of each fiscal year and file a tax return.
  10. The Treasurer shall make a report to the Annual Meeting, and such other reports as may be required, in addition to those of the Executive Committee.
  11. All Donated monies, all funds pertaining to the GCKY including Headquarters and scholarships are under the control of the State Treasurer.
  12. Notify any Chairman of money received under their chairmanship upon receipt.
  13. Expenditures over $500.00 must be bid, excluding the BULLETIN.  Bids will be accepted and awarded by the State President and the Executive Committee.
  14. Safety Deposit Box The Treasurer shall obtain a safety deposit box on behalf of GCKY for important documents such as certificates of deposit, leases, insurance policies, Former President’s Pins, etc. The First Vice President shall have possession of the second key to the box.
  15. Former President’s Pin At the direction of the President, the Treasurer shall be responsible for ordering a supply of Former President’s Pins, when required. The pins are to be kept in the Safety Deposit Box.
  16. Continue to assist in the duties of Treasurer for one(1) year after a new treasurer has been elected as an advisor and consultant to the new treasurer to maintain a continuation of records and books of the GCKY
  17. Perform the duties of the Assistant Treasurer if none is appointed which are to be responsible for collecting dues and new club initiation fees, send reminder notices to clubs and District Directors who have not paid dues by June 1 and send copies of paid members to GCKY President, First Vice President as Membership Chairman, District Directors and Bulletin Editor.

Appointed Officers

The Appointed Officers shall be the BULLETIN Editor, Chaplain, Corresponding Secretary, Financial Advisor, Historian, Parliamentarian, Protocol, State Headquarters Chairman, Bylaws Chairman, and Fund Raiser.  Assistant Treasurer is appointed upon the request of the Treasurer.


All State Officers must send a brief annual report to the State President by February 1st, electronic devise may be used. They may also make a report at the Annual Meeting (Three (3) minute limit).  The report shall be typed (double-spaced) and two copies given to the State Recording secretary – one for the file and one for BULLETIN publication at the end of the administration.


The Bulletin Editor shall;

  1. Edit The BULLETIN at the direction of the President and the Executive Committee.
  2. Be responsible for securing a publisher and mailing contract.
  3. Collect copy for the BULLETIN and arrange for printing.
  4. Notify those who must provide copy for each issue.(President, District Directors, Convention Chairmen, etc.)
  5. Attend each meeting of the GCKY Executive Committee (with a vote) and State Headquarters Board of Trustees (without a vote).
  6. September Issue is the Directory Issue in odd year.

(Directory Issue contains names, addresses, phone numbers and E-mail addresses for all State Officers, Appointed Officers, District Directors, State Chairmen, Club Presidents, roster for members of the Kentucky Flower Show Judges Council, Kentucky Gardening Consultants Council and Kentucky Landscape Consultants Council, all State and SAR Awards.  The Directory Issue update is provided as required in all issues of the BULLETIN. Check in the  BULLETIN for deadline dates.

The Directory Issue must be saved for future reference.

  1. December Issue -The SAR Convention Call and information and registration form is printed.  District Directors are to report on their fall district meeting and list those who were elected for district office, state nominating committee and state headquarters representatives.
  2.  March Issue- The GCKY Annual Meeting call, information and registration form.
  1. June Issue has all State and SAR Award recipients.
  2. GCKY BULLETINS are mailed to – The National Gardener Editor, NGC Inc. Headquarters, NGC President, NGC First, Second, Third Vice Presidents, SAR Director, SAR State Presidents, Wife of Kentucky Governor, Past GCKY State Presidents living out of state and Ohio and Tennessee State Presidents.
  1. Make sure that the GCKY Bulletin mailing list is kept current.
  2. Save copies of each Bulletin for the GCKY Archives and the Historian.
  3. Obtain bill for printing as required.
  4.  Approve printer bill and send to State Treasurer for payment Quarterly.

Bylaw Chairman

The Bylaw Chairman shall;

1.    Be a member of the GCKY Advisory Board.

2. The Advisory Board will serve as the Bylaw committee.

3. Maintain a copy of the current Bylaws and oversee the adherence to them.

4. Have published in the BULLETIN or by electronic device 60 days prior to Annual Convention any changes in the Bylaws to be voted on by Convention delegates.

5. The Bylaws Committee will consider changes in the Bylaws and address them as needed.



The Chaplain shall:

  1. Include praying for members placed on the prayer list with a note sent to the member.
  2. Prayers during Executive Committee meetings, invocation and blessings at Annual Meetings will either be given by the Chaplain or assigned by the Chaplain for others to give.  Names of those giving prayers etc. at Annual Meeting will be forward to Convention Chairman and State President.
  3. The Memorial Service during the Annual Meeting will be given by the Chaplain.
  4. Keep a list of members who have passed away is kept by the Chaplain as sent by clubs.
  5. The Chaplain will also stay in touch with Former State Presidents who are no longer able to attend Annual Meetings.

Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary must:

  1. Conduct all correspondence designated by the President or the Executive Committee.
  2. At the request of the President, she shall send out notices of the Executive Committee Meetings at least two (2) weeks in advance with vital information as to when, where, phone of hotel if necessary for over night stay and travel directions.  If the meeting agenda includes special attention the notices should inform members of such so they can prepare.
  3. A gift from the Executive Committee to the outgoing President is selected by the Corresponding Secretary.  The expense of this gift is shared by the members of the Executive Committee.
  4. May accompany the President to District Meeting when possible.
  5. Serves as alternate to approve minutes of all GCKY meeting when required.

Financial Advisor

The Financial Advisor must:

  1. Serve as Chairman of the Budget Committee and shall supervise the investments and expenditures of monies as prescribed by the current budget. (Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 11)
  2. As Chairman of the Budget Committee, The Financial Advisor and members of the Committee shall prepare in advance the annual budget for the operation of GCKY for the succeeding fiscal year.
  3. The tentative budget shall be presented to the Executive Committee for approval at its pre-convention meeting and to the Board of Governors at the time of the Annual Convention.
  4. Present the proposed budget for vote to the General Assembly at the Annual Convention.
  5. State Headquarters-Life Membership, Book of Remembrance, and Book of Appreciation, be invested in the Capital Fund and interest be listed as a budget item.


The Historian must:

  1. Compile a record of the activities, achievements, projects, programs and Annual Meetings, awards received and scholarships given.
  2. Send a one page summary, including number of clubs, number of districts and number of members shall be sent to SAR Historian and SAR Director by March 1 and National Historian by April 1 of the odd numbered years. A form is available from the National Historian.
  3. A more comprehensive History is placed in the State Archives and a copy is given to the out going President.
  1. These are due three weeks following the close of the administration.


The Parliamentarian must:

  1. Perform the duties as defined in the adopted Parliamentary authority, and any special duties which may be assigned by the President or the Executive Committee. (Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 12)
  2. The latest edition of Robert’s Rules  of Order shall be the Parliamentary

Authority governing GCKY in all cases which it is applicable and in which

it is not inconsistent with the Bylaws (Bylaws, Article XVI)

  1. Upon request, the Parliamentarian gives opinions on parliamentary law and interpretation of the Bylaws of GCKY.
  2. The Parliamentarian does not vote unless by secret ballot or place motions on the floor.
  3. Upon request, assist clubs in formulating or amending their bylaws.


Protocol is kindness and common courtesy.

For the Annual Convention

  1. Receive instruction from the State President on who will have special seating at each meal or meeting including Head Table or Honors Tables.
  2.  Communicate with Convention chairman for number of seats needed for Head Table and other seating arrangements.
  3. Pre-assembling arrangements need to be made so honorees may walk in without confusion. Keep in touch with Convention Chairmen for necessary information about where to meet, how to walk in and where to sit.(processionals are rarely used)
  4. Send invitations to those with special seating honors, where to assemble before the meeting, time and which meal.
  5.  A master list of names, title and where seated should be given to State President, Convention Chairman and presiding officer. This list should also be placed on lectern for presiding officer for introductions.
  6. Informal seating requires no processional but simply place cards.
  7. As the time comes closer to the event the Protocol Chairman will be informed that some with special seating will not be in attendance.  They may be replaced with others so letters must be sent to inform those being asked.
  8. List will be revised until the meeting or meal.  Be prepared for anything to happen including honorees getting out of processional line and perhaps missing their introduction.
  9. Have an assistant to help you line up the processional.
  10. Check with hotel for when meeting rooms will be available to put place cards at the Head Table and Honor Tables.
  11. Make place cards before the Convention convenes and put in envelops labeled for each function, have extras and be organized.
  12. Decorative Place Cards may be provided by Convention Committee.
  13. You may have to give up your seating at the Head Table and you need an alternate list of members who will sit at the Head Table should someone fail to arrive.
  14. Be the first one in the Receiving line at receptions and assist with introductions.

Protocol for Visiting Guest

Regional Director, National President (or equivalent)

  1. Invitations must be extended well in advance of the event’s scheduled date
  2. Guests should be met at airport if traveling by air or in the lobby. This could be a page or someone designated by the State President.
  3. They should be checked into the hotel and given help with luggage.

(Tips should be taken care of by page or designated individual and taken from Convention funds).

  1. The President includes the guest in all events and guest is invited to sit at the Head Table at all meals. The guest is seated to the right of the President.
  1. The Guest is invited to all social occasions including meals that are not open to general membership.
  2. The President is to present a gift to the guest during the meeting. (Usually following a presentation that they are invited to give.  The cost comes out of the GCKY Fund).
  3. The guest (NGC, SAR, State President) is introduced at each event and the membership will stand to acknowledge.
  4. The guest is to receive a full complimentary packet for registration, room and all extra events.
  5. The guest is escorted to the car and/or airport and helped with luggage at the time of leaving.
  6. If arrival or departure time is extended from normal time, arrangements must be made by the Convention Chairman to accommodate in hotel or home and courtesies extended
  7. Notes of appreciation must follow the visit.
  8. The Protocol Handbook for NGC is a must.
  9. A Page is assigned to each guest.
    1. This Page should escort the guest to all meetings and meals and other events.
    2. The Page should be available at all times to assist in any way, to escort and pick up the check to any meals that are not part of the scheduled events.
    3. They should carry the briefcase or whatever so that guest is open to greetings from other members.
    4. The Page should escort the guest to the room and see that they have everything that is needed.
    5. The Page may be asked to do incidentals such as make copies, purchase small items, make specific contacts, introduce to as many as possible.  The Page will be reimbursed for any expenses related to the duties.
    6. Honor confidentiality conversations heard and/or over heard.

Chairman of State Headquarters Board of Trustees

  1. The Chairman is the liaison between the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee.  A report of activities at the Headquarters will be given at each Executive Committee Meeting and as directed by the State President.
  2. The Advisory Board Chairman will be kept informed of events and updated on activities at Headquarters.
  3. The Chairman of the State Headquarters’ Board of Trustees and the Board are responsible for the administration of the State Headquarters including all construction, maintenance and repair of the headquarters, as defined by and subject to approval of the Executive Committee.
  4. Subject to approval of the Executive Committee, the Chairman of the State Headquarters’ Board of Trustees recommends Committee Chairmen, as needed by said Board.
  5. Terms of office are concurrent with that of the State President.
  6. The State Treasurer must be given all monies for Endowment Savings Account and Headquarters’ Petty Cash Fund Checking Account.
  7. The State Treasurer must have a completed IRS Form W-9 before any

Payments shall be made to private contractors for work performed at

GCKY Headquarters or Wallis Arboretum. (revised 2018)

  1. The Headquarters Board of Trustees meets twice a year.

Fund Raiser

The Fund Raising Chairman must designate and appoint committees to manage and execute specific projects and give complete financial reports to the State Executive Committee quarterly or more often if directed by the President and submit all funds to the GCKY Treasurer. (Bylaws Article VIII Section 10)


  1. The work of GCKY the state is divided into five districts as outlined in the Bylaws.
  2. The District Officers consist of the Director, Vice Director, Secretary and Treasurer, proposed by member garden clubs of each district at their Annual Fall Meeting, in the even numbered years.

District Directors

  1. To qualify for office as District Director, a member must have served as President of a garden club and attended two State Annual Conventions during the preceding four years. This can be the meeting at which they are installed subject to prevailing circumstances.
  2. District Directors must be ratified by the Executive Committee of GCKY and shall assume office at the same time as State Officers.
  3. No Director is eligible for re-election.
  4. Since District Directors automatically become members of the Executive Committee of GCKY it is important that experienced, conscientious and able persons be elected.
  5. If a vacancy occurs in the office of District Director, the Vice-Director will become the Director.
  6. Two unexcused consecutive absents from the Executive Committee Meetings constitutes means for removal and the Vice Director will become Director.
  7. If the Director cannot attend an Executive Committee meeting it is the Vice Director’s duty to fill in but does not have voting privileges.

Duties of the District Director


  1. Attend all meetings of the Executive Committee (4)
  2. Obtain as much information at Committee Meetings as possible, and make it available to clubs in their district.
  3. Report outstanding activities of clubs and newly organized clubs and make recommendations for changes when advisable. A five (5) minute report will be given at the Annual Meeting.
  4. Arrange the time and place for District Meetings, after consulting with the State President and Hostess club.
  5. Preside at District Meeting, select individuals to take part in the meeting. Be responsible for a printed program.
  6. Vice Director is responsible for the program and all convention courtesies including making reservations, meeting and greeting the President upon arrival and appointing a page for the President should one be needed.


  1. Appoint District Chairmen or Special Chairmen to coordinate activities with the State Chairmen.
  2. Appoint a Chairman and Co-Chairman for the Fall District Meeting.
  3. Appoint a Chairman of the District Nominating Committee from the three(3) elected members.


  1. Elect candidates for the District Nominating Committee (odd years)
  2. The District must elect four (4) candidates for consideration for state office and/or chairmanship, in addition to their recommendations for nominees for district office. Nominations may be made from the floor, providing consent of the nominee has been obtained. (Candidates for consideration for state office and chairmanship MUST fill out a personnel sheet for the State Personnel Chairman and for the State Nominating Committee and send it to the State Personnel Chairman.)
  3. Hold elections of proposed candidates for Director, Vice-Director, Secretary and Treasurer. (even years)
  4. Elect candidates for State Nominating Committee Representative and Alternate from each district to the State Nominating Committee by the District Assembly and send names, addresses, e-mails and phone numbers to the State Nominating Committee Chairman as soon as one is appointed. The Nominating Committee Chairman is elected at the Mid-Winter Executive Committee Meeting in the odd years and ratified at the General Assembly at the Annual Meeting. (Bylaws, Article XIV, Section 1)
  5. Hold elections for State Headquarters Representative from the district as per the following schedule; Audubon and Blue Grass – odd years; Dogwood, Limestone and Mt. Laurel – even years

Send the name, address, e-mail and phone of the Headquarter Representative to the State Corresponding Secretary and the Headquarters’ Board Chairman.


  1. Keep up-to-date records of all clubs, names and addresses of club presidents, and number of active members in each club, this includes any youth club. Send records to the First Vice President as soon as elected, and send any changes as they occur.
  2. Encourage club Presidents to send their annual President’s Reports to you and State President on or before designated date.