2023-2025 GCKY President’s Special Projects

The 2023-2025 GCKY President’s theme is Go Green…Plant Kentucky! These projects emphasize Go Blue!

Award #1
Go Blue…Create an Eastern Bluebird Trail

Certificate and cash award to a club in each GCKY District that creates the most outstanding Bluebird Trail to help restore the Eastern Bluebird population. The Trail should be well marked and accessible on public property. Handicap access, signage, documentation of the established Trail (including planning, programs during and after completion, involvement of youth and materials used) will be considered. Before beginning your project, it is suggested you do research on areas in your district providing habitat for the Eastern Bluebird along with a commitment from your club, a group, or an individual to monitor and maintain the boxes. There are a multitude of resources online, including Bluebirds of Central Kentucky https://www.bluebirdscky.com

When establishing the trail, nest boxes should be placed 100 to 150 yards apart for the Eastern Bluebird. You should include a landscape plan (can be hand drawn) along with financing. Affordable Bluebird houses can be constructed from durable wood or may be purchased. Introduce your project to other local groups (boy scouts, girl scouts, church groups, etc.), and they may help construct the nest boxes and assist in installing them. Youth involvement is a plus with this project! Written applications must be postmarked January 16, 2024 or January 15th, 2025. Beginning date and completion date must be within a calendar year (e.g., Jan 2023 to Dec 2023).

Refer to the following scale of points for scoring. Mail applications to Susan Throneberry, 4621 Old Scottsville Road, Alvaton KY 42122. No electronic applications accepted.

Award #2
Go Blue…Sponsor a Blue Star Marker

The Blue Star Memorial Program has been in existence through the garden club movement for more than 75 years. Did you know only National Garden Clubs can sponsor these memorial markers? The Blue Star Memorial Highway marker, the By-Way Marker and the Memorial Marker are only available to clubs through National Garden Clubs. The guidelines are available on the National Garden Club website. guidelines-for-memorial-markers-may-2023-revision

The 2023 award will be given to the club installing and landscaping one of the three Blue Star Markers from January 2023 through December 31, 2023. In case of a tie, it will be based on the number of markers each club sponsors.

Written applications must be postmarked January 16, 2024 or January 15th, 2025. Mail to Susan Throneberry, 4621 Old Scottsville Road, Alvaton KY 42122. No electronic applications accepted.

General Scale of points for the President’s Special Projects Award

Total 100 Points

Presentation – 5 points: neat, concise, all required information not to exceed three pages.

Achievements – 65 points: scope of project, need and fulfillment, benefit, accomplishment, comprehensiveness of work, activities to attain goals, evaluation of goals reached, educational, prior planning, very brief history if continuing project, financial report, other.

Participation – 15 points: size of club, involvement of members, community, government agencies, professionals, youth, residents in facilities, others. Not all of these have to be involved.

Record of Documentation – 15 points: supporting data (as applicable); clear, well-labeled, and neatly attached before and after photographs, if applicable; landscape plan (does not have to be professionally drawn); financial report; letters of appreciation; community awards; newspaper/magazine articles (if possible); radio or TV script (if possible); etc. Photocopies are permitted of printed articles.

No electronic applications accepted. All entries must be mailed to: Susan Throneberry, 4621 Old Scottsville Road, Alvaton KY 42122