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Deadline for GCKY Bulletin

~Contact: | Ann Fiel
~What: Deadline
~When: Mon 1 Jul 2019

Please send information, articles, and pictures to Ann Fiel (, editor of the GCKY Bulletin.

Club Meeting

Orchids 101

~Contact: 270-813-0276 | Franklin Garden Club
~What: Club Meeting
~Where: Simpson County Literacy Center, Franklin Kentucky
~When: Mon 1 Jul 2019 (6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Central Time)

Orchid collectors of the 19th century used to risk life, limb and fortunes to collect species that anyone can have today with the click of a computer mouse or a visit to a big box store for under twenty dollars. Orchids’ reputation for being tough to grow may have scared you off in the past, but join Claude Airall as he shares his easy care favorites along with tips for maintaining their months-long blooms that will bring a feeling of elegance to your favorite room.

Free! Everyone is welcome.

The Franklin Garden Club hosts evening meetings on 1st Mondays (except in June and December) at the Simpson County Literacy Center, 231 S. College Street, Franklin KY.

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