In the Garden – Storing Vegetables Overwinter

Warm spring, mild summer and plenty of water this year produced a bumper crop of vegetables. Some continue to produce more. No doubt you have given lots of vegetables and fruits to friends and neighbors, and frozen and canned the rest. What do you do with the remaining vegetables? Our grandparents saved them in the … Continue reading “In the Garden – Storing Vegetables Overwinter”

Thanksgiving – The Cornucopia

Mrs. Wallis was a very gracious lady who was very involved with organizations in Paris, Lexington, and New York  She also loved sharing her gardens with both adults and children. No doubt this time of year, her dining table was filled with produce from the cutting and vegetable gardens, perhaps arranged in a cornucopia. We owe … Continue reading “Thanksgiving – The Cornucopia”

Club President’s Report

 President Reports are due 15 January President Report: Instructions (also shown below ) President Report: Questionnaire for Members (Document or PDF or Online Form) Club President’s Report -three options to use  ExCEL The Excel Spreadsheet does the math for you  Doc Format you can type your answers into this on your computer PDF Format you can fill it out … Continue reading “Club President’s Report”