GCKY Yearbook Updates

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A Fresh Look at Flower Shows

National Garden Clubs (NGC) has developed a new program to promote NGC Flower Shows. The program involves the Kentucky Judges Council to encourage and mentor clubs wishing to hold a flower show by providing information and support on schedule writing, awards, and procedures and then to guide the club through the flower show process. This … Continue reading “A Fresh Look at Flower Shows”

Worthy Programs Photo Archiving

The photo archiving of your club’s accomplishments celebrates the projects, events, and activities of the members of National Garden Clubs, Inc. Your club’s photographs will be posted on our website and shared across other platforms such as our Facebook page. You can share your garden club pictures with other garden clubbers and the world! Examples … Continue reading “Worthy Programs Photo Archiving”

Happy 50th Anniversary, Arboretum!

“In the Arboretum” This year marks the 50th anniversary of Nannine Clay Wallis’s bequeathal of her 616 Pleasant Street home to The Garden Club of Kentucky, to be used as its headquarters and to promote gardening. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places, and the garden is a certified arboretum. GCKY is … Continue reading “Happy 50th Anniversary, Arboretum!”

Events List

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Interested in Environmental School?  

Members interested in Environmental Schools can go to the National Garden Club (NCG) website (gardenclub.org) to identify the next school available & the location.  Click on “NGC Schools”, then “Find a Course”, and then just follow the prompts.  Currently, Course 4 will be available Sep 22-23, 2021, via Zoom.  Follow the prompts for details & … Continue reading “Interested in Environmental School?  “