In the Arboretum – November

There are so many wonderful trees in the Arboretum, sometimes it is hard to see the trees for the ‘forest’. Among the wonderful trees that you will find in the Arboretum is Diospryros virginiana, aka ‘divine fruit’. It is one that you would not readily accept If your only contact with D. virginiana, (persimmon) was … Continue reading “In the Arboretum – November”

Privacy Policy

Who we are The Garden Club of Kentucky, Inc. ( is a non-profit organization and welcomes  anyone who is interested in gardening. Contact Us What personal data we collect and why we collect it If you register as a user on this site, we collect a username and a valid email address. If you choose, … Continue reading “Privacy Policy”

October Things to do in Your Garden

Patron of Gardeners – October 2nd is is St Francis of Assisi Day, known for his love of animals and nature. 15 Minute Gardening – Label garden hoses “Not Potable”, since the PVC stabilizer can leach into the water. Potable are available from garden stores and on-line. Water Early and Deep – Always water early … Continue reading “October Things to do in Your Garden”


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