Twisted Vine Garden Club

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Lassie Gregory Page

Lassie Gregory Page Mon 18 Mar 1918 – Sun 16 Jan 2022 Garden Club Member Franklin-Simpson Garden Club    Dogwood District   Lassie Gregory Page was a long-time member of the Franklin Garden Club, and a life-long resident of Franklin, Kentucky, where she was graduated high school in 1946 and attended First Baptist Church. She … Continue reading “Lassie Gregory Page”

Theresa Louise Perros

Flower Show Judge Theresa Louise Perros Sun 24 Mar 1912 – Thu 7 Oct 2021 Garden Club Member The Garden Club of Danville    Blue Grass District   Theresa was a 50 year member of the The Garden Club of Danville and President two times. A strong supporter of The Garden Club of Kentucky, Inc., … Continue reading “Theresa Louise Perros”

Dawn Redwood in the Arboretum

Did you know that the Wallis Arboretum is the site of two pre-historic trees: Ginkgo biloba and Metasequoia glyptostroboides? Both species are from China, the fossil records of ginkgo dating to more than 200 million years ago and metasequoia (also known as the Dawn Redwood) a mere 50 million. As was–and is–the custom from the time the … Continue reading “Dawn Redwood in the Arboretum”

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